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[Movie] 'Rogue One' and only

If you hadn't watched this movie when it came out, you should totally go to rent or buy the DVD. No, fuck that. Get the Blu-ray. Its totally worth it. You probably thinking, what's the different between this movie and every other Star Wars movies? It just going to be another pew pew wooon woon, lasers and lightsabers all over the place, right?

Well, yes. But more lasers actually, and very very little lightsabers. Wait, does the lightsaber makes a woon woon sound? Anyway, this movie was released 16th December 2016. There were a lot of casts in this film. Most of them new, while some of them were not so new, to the point that they had to be 'CGI-ed' into the movie.

The Empire be watching you all day errday.

The plot took place after the Galactic Republic becomes the Galactic Empire, with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine becomes the new Emperor. Obviously not everyone is happy with it. Some of us loves a healthy dose of democracy, freedom and liberty.

But thanks to the Clone Wars, the Republic clone army was reformed into the Imperial armed forces, that reaches from one end to other end of the galaxy. The Imperial flags now reign all across the galaxy. Those who opposed the new imperialism, now are either too weak or too exhausted from the previous galactic civil war.

Fuck this shit, lets rebel!
But that doesn't mean that everyone is just going to sit on their asses and let the tyranny run rampant. Secretly, an alliance was made. Rebel Alliance. They opposed the Empire in much more subtle way. Because the Rebel Alliance doesn't have the resources to go on all-out war with the Empire.

So they resorted to covert operations and subterfuge, gathering as much allies as they can. Guerrilla warfare, so to speak. Now that in the aftermath of Clone Wars, most if not all Jedi knights had been slain by the clone army, the Rebel Alliance had to rely on volunteers of different races and species to strike at the Imperials in order to weaken it. As best as they can, of course. Sabotage and assassination, mostly.

"We rebel!!" *got shot*
But the Imperial power grew stronger by the day. New weapons and war machines, are being developed and made almost continuously. Although there is no open conflict and all out war across the galaxy, the Empire continues to stack up their military might.

The Rebel Alliance are being pushed out, systematically, sector by sector. Any system or planets that are suspected for harboring rebel forces are being occupied and oppressed by the sheer might of the Imperial space fleets. It almost look that its impossible for the Rebel Alliance to gather enough forces to ever overthrow the Empire.

And then a new intel comes in. A new superweapon is being developed, or maybe have been finished being built. The operative who delivered the intel was so much in despair, he couldn't even find words to express the hopelessness of standing against the Empire. He even thinking of turning himself in.

Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), the Rebel Alliance intelligence officer who received the intel, had to kill the operative before he turned himself in. But the intel itself was vague. They know its a superweapon, powerful enough that it was said it's a planet killer. But they have no idea how this weapon looks like. But there are names. Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen), an Imperial scientist, and Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker), a Rebel extremist.

Cassian proceeded to search for Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), Galen Erso's missing daughter. She's been hiding from the Imperials, but she's not part of the Alliance. But apparently she's the link between Galen Erso and Saw Gerrera. Galen and Saw was friends, before the Imperial times. But Saw was an extremist to the core that even Rebel Alliance have trouble earning his trust. And Galen will not be seeing Saw anytime soon because he now works for the Empire, unwillingly of course.

One thing led to another, the pieces of the puzzle pieced together bit to bit to form a really, really bad picture. The Empire have been quietly collecting kyber crystals, the same material used to power up a Jedi lightsaber. They are using it for their new superweapon, called the Death Star. Saw Gerrera died when the Empire shot the Death Star's superlaser on planet Jedha. Meanwhile Galen was executed for the suspicion of betraying the Empire.

All hope is lost!
Finally realizing the sheer size and power that the superweapon possesses, the Alliance was in disarray. Nothing in their arsenal can possibly ever stand against that. They almost lose hope, but Galen Erso in his dying breath, managed convinced his daughter that there is still a way.

On planet Scarif, there is a heavily protected Imperal databank facilities. Within, the schematic of the Death Star. There is a structural weakness, that Galen had hid inside the weapon during construction. But the Alliance will need the schematic in order to find exactly where is that Death Star 'sweet spot'.

While everyone still debating whether to surrender, scatter, or roll over and die, Jyn decided to fulfill his father dying wish and avenge uncle Saw Gererra while she's at it. Good thing she was not alone. Together with a handful of volunteers, they went ahead on one last ride across the star. Call-signed, Rogue One.

The ending lead to the beginning of Star War IV: A New Hope. The movie was really great. Too bad there wouldn't be Rogue Two though.


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