Sunday, May 21, 2017

[Movie] 'Zoolander 2' stupid but entertaining

I'm going to be honest. I loved the first movie. I know people said that the movie was stupid. But I think that's the whole premise, maybe. In fact, it was even advertised to be so, with the teaser trailer where Stephen Hawking's voice calling Zoolander an idiot.

It kinda unfair, really. When you compare Zoolander 2 with other blockbuster movies, of course Zoolander won't really, well, able to compete.. or was it intended for Zoolander 2 to be a blockbuster? I'm not really sure. The first movie was quite a success. I heard this second movie didn't do so well.

People said that the movie was dreary, filled with cliche and one-liner jokes, rehashed plots, and whatnot. It had a lot of cameos of famous people. But, that's given because the background of Zoolander was that he's a former superstar model.

I wonder if the jokes in the movie cut a little bit too deep. I mean, the movie did poked fun, a lot, toward modern media trending and fashion world. It was meant to be all jokes, of course. But some of them did raised some real questions. Such as, how far would a person go just to be famous? Or to maintain that fame? Or, is it bad to be fat?

Then enter Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller). He returned back together with Hansen McDonald (Owen Wilson), to get back into fashion. After being convinced by Billy Zane (cameo), they decided to join House of Atoz fashion show by Alexanya Atoz (Kristen Wiig).

Just like in the previous movie, the plot here is that someone is trying to use Zoolander for evil purposes. Could it be Jacobim Mugatu? That can't be, the guy is still in fashion prison. Yes, I said it, FASHION PRISON. So the world should be safe, right?

Well, here's the thing. Zoolander's wife, Matilda (Christine Taylor), got killed when the building of  Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good, made by Zoolander on previous movie, collapsed right on top of her. Hansel was also injured by the accident, right in the face. Disfigured, Hansel retired from modelling. Meanwhile, Zoolander also lose custodianship of his own son, because he's really sucks when Matilda is not around.

Zoolander managed to find his son again, while trying to get back to fashion world. With the help of Fashion Interpol. Yes, I said it. FASHION INTERPOL. The Interpol agent, Valentina (Penelope Cruz), believed that Zoolander might be somewhat linked to some fashion crime that have been happening recently.

They found his son in a orphanage in Rome. To his chagrin, his son is now fat. Zoolander was split between accepting his fat son, while embracing the new world of fashion models who are not only slim now but also androgynous.

Now what is the odd that Zoolander was invited to a fashion show near the very place where his son would be? I mean, why is his son even at Rome in the first place? Hansel received an anonymous call, telling them to go to St. Peter's Basillica at midnight if they want to know what's the devil is going on.

There, they met with Sting (cameo) who revealed the truth about Steve. Who's Steve you might ask? According to Sting, when Adam and Eve was still in the Garden of Eden, well, Steve was there too. He was the very first supermodel, and was super beautiful. Androgynously, of course.

Sting told Zoolander that his son might be the descendant of Steve. Which is weird because that would make Zoolander a Steve's bloodline too. But here is the thing: Steve's descendant have blood that can grant eternal youth to those that drank it. Huh.. And then BAM, Zoolander's son got kidnapped.

So who is trying to do.. what.. Ah, Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrel). Who else would even think in the ways of supervillain? They went to the Fashion Prison to met him, but somehow Zoolander got tricked into helping Mugatu to escape the prison. It turns out that Mugatu really did plan all these supervillain stuff.

They all raced back to stop Mugatu. But it turns out that Mugatu actually was planning to kill everyone. Including every other famous fashion designers and icons (all cameos) that helped him with his nefarious plot of kidnapping and cracking Zoolander's son chest to drink his blood.

He actually didn't believe the Steve story. I mean, it was really a dumb story. But I guess people couldn't get past the word, eternal youth. And that causes every important people in the fashion world to gather in one place. Where he rigged it with bombs and, urmm, pool of lava.

He revealed the entirety of his insidious plot, laughing maniacally at those idiot fashion icons for believing the stupid legend, while sashay shantay away from the whole death trap. He would've been succeeded, if the legend of Steve was really a lie.

But.. El Ni·ño!!!!!!!! 
It was real.. *whisper*


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