Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiring Weeks

Should I say tiring, or trying week. It had been a tiring weeks, but the weeks also had been a trying times.
The thing is that, all these 2 weeks is full with a lot of.. things. Presentations, quizzes, and tests..
I got more on the next week on presentations and it not gonna be easy. I need to get some my facts straighten up, my scores keeping on and my pride swallowed in.

Did I forgot to mention about homework? Yeah, there are a lot but I'll work them out.
But the quizzes and tests that are killing me. I'd done the Company Law test and it was the only one test for the assessment points exclude the final test. I didn't think I screwed in that test but I could never be sure because, for a supposed 5 pages of answer sheet I answered for only 2 pages. Must be because of my small hand-writings.. must be.

Then on this Thursday, I got Arabic quizzes, 1 and 2. It supposed to be easy, so people said. But I couldn't even speak a word of it. I'm busting my ass right now trying to learn the words and the sentences of Arabic language as I'm writing this blog. I'd really hoped I could pull this through, otherwise I'll let down everyone that cared for me and myself.

All I need, is a bit of encouragement. A flare up, here and there perhaps. I'm tired of, resting myself, with so called reasons of 'recharging' my so called 'batteries' with a lot of sleeps.. and naps too. I've seen a friend whose slept only for 2 hours a day and he still looking good and sharp, except for the black ring on his eyes of course.. that a sign of inadequate sleep. 

Bottom line is that,
Move the ass and crack some ribs, I'd say.
Happy fighting everyone. 


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