Monday, January 13, 2014

[Games] Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2, actually the game that I was waiting for in 2013. I've been wanting to write about this game, but for some reasons that I cannot fathom, I couldn't print-screen the picture for the gameplay. So.. I just took it off from the internet somewhere.

The thing is that the game doesn't changes much in term of graphic. Maybe a little bit, some new feature I guess. But its all the same. I cannot shake the feeling that this game actually get quite a strong competition from other RTS WW2 games such as, Men of War. In fact, when Men of War came out, Company of Heroes also came out with another expansion called the Tales of Valor with the same game mechanic called 'Direct Fire'. Though in Company of Heroes, the 'Direct Fire' is pretty much useless because of something like 'could a tank turret deflect artillery shells?' thing. Turns out in 'Direct Fire' only exciting in a realistic game like Men of War.

But you don't have to worry, they remove that game mechanics in Company of Heroes 2. Instead, they focus on  introducing more units, more explow-sion, and more destructions. Now you can, not only capture resource point but also if you got lucky, you could capture enemy's tank if they didn't get destroyed. And I said lucky because I have no idea how exactly to make the tanks capture-able. They do have new status like destroyed main guns, engine and what not. I guess in way there is chances to disable the enemy war machine.. differently from the game Men of War were you can just take your sweet time targeting turret or tank track to precisely disabling the war machine for capture..

Ah.. I'm starting to lose words to describe this game. How to describe them? It almost practically the same game as the prequel. Is the game good, enjoyable? The answer is yes. It is as enjoyable as the last game.

But don't expect much. For one, the solo campaign was really short. I finished the game like.. less than a day. In a way, yes, I was kinda disappointed. I bought the game in the morning and the next thing I know I ended up watching TV on the evening of the same day. Its not that the game was boring. It was really short. There were about.. 14 mission in the single campaign. Then there were extra 6-8 more map in one of the new features called 'Theater of War', and there are 2 sides that you can choose which is the Russian and German. That is all it. Whats left was the multi-player game if you wanted to play with your friends.

Truth to be told, the game is lacking in content. I mean, what ever happened to strategy game nowadays? Didn't Warcraft have 2 playable faction (Human and Orcs) for their campaign which later they add another more faction such as the Undead and Night Elf for the expansion? What about C&C: Red Alert? They have the Allies, the Red Army, and the crazy Yuri. For the modern C&C, they have the US, China, and GLA. Tiberium War have the GDI, Nod, and Scrin. Even Men of War have 3 factions in their campaign game-play, which is the Soviet, the Allies, and the German.

But what does the Company of Heroes 2 have? Only the Soviet faction in the campaign game-play. You do realize that, it is through the Campaign that the players get to familiarize with new unit introduction and special attack, right? In fact, when I played the single player campaign, I didn't even get to use all of the game unit such as KV-1 heavy tank and B-4 203mm howitzer in the campaign. And those were like, some of the most awesome war machines! By the time I get to test the 'Theater of War' game-play, I just,  I didn't even know what the fuckery is happening. I got attacked by a weird looking tanks and some long range assault guns are pouring heavy ordinance that I don't even know how to counter.

And again, with the faction. I know that when the first Company of Heroes came out, lot of people were asking for the Eastern Front. We had the Allies, the Axis, and once in a while the Soviet will do us some good as well. But we didn't mean we want to play the Red Army, only. We wanted you to add some more factions. Not reduce them. Not to mention the game plot were critically criticizing the Red Army because the story goes as the past memories told by a gulag prisoner to his former commanding officer who were about to be involve in another political purge by the Soviet Union. What... I don't even...

In short, the game is still as enjoyable as the last game. The only issue I have with this game is that, why should I pay for it? I would've have the same enjoyment with the last prequel. Not to mention, the first Company of Heroes had a custom mod made by fans, called the Eastern Front. Which is free.


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