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[Games] Onigiri Online - Skill System

When you first met Momotarou, this guy hated your guts for defeating him. Well, its not like you got a choice, he went crazy and DID tried to stab you in the ass. So you have to beat him to pulp in order to return his senses because, you know, self-defense.

Afterward, he'll whine about how is possible that you were able to beat him up when you didn't even know about skill evolving. And so, he'll teach you about skill evolving. So that one day when both of you duel again, it would be on an equal ground, or something.

And also, did I mentioned that he is crazy? Its not enough that he wanted you to level up your skills and evolve it. Later when you had improved his affection level high enough, he'll tell you that you can actually extract a skill that you have leveled up and evolved painstakingly, into a skill card that you can place on a brand new weapon. Well, why didn't you say so earlier, Momotarou? I always thought that you are seriously demented, but turns out you can be quite a nice guy too, Momotarou.

But first, lets talk about the skill evolution first. You see, skill evolution can be a real pain in the ass. Not because you have to level up those skill before evolving it, but because only a handful of weapons that have a skill that can be evolved. And when I said handful, I mean out of 10-20 of spears that you have, maybe 2-3 have evolvable skill, and those skill might not be the one that you want.

So yeah, that is why early in the game, this business of evolving skill might be skipped by a whole lot of the new players.

Because first, you can only know which weapons have evolvable skill by checking up with Momotarou. That is right, it won't show in the weapon's info window. You have to go to Momotarou to check it manually. That also means all those weapon loots need to be identified regardless of whether you actually can get the weapon that you seek. Because you have to bring the whole bundle, otherwise you are going back and forth between Momotarou and Lady Shizuka (she can identify weapons).

Second, you can't favorite or tagged the weapon that have the evolvable skills in Momotarou's skill evolution window. So you better write down on a piece of paper exactly the stats of that particular weapon, or else you might mistakenly sold it to Miroku. Double check if you have to. Then you can favorite or tagged that weapon in your inventory so you won't sold it by mistake.

The skill that can be evolved, is shown in the screenshot where it have double border, like that 'Rolling Thunder' skill. To level up a skill, you don't necessarily need a skill that can be evolved, Non-evolved skill can also be leveled up. When you got a weapon with the same skill and rank but evolvable, you can straight away evolve it up a rank.

To increase the rank of skills that can be evolve, you also need to raise up Momotarou's affection level. So don't forget to feed crazy Momotarou some affection items from time to time.

Once you have leveled up the skill up to certain level, you can extract that skill and turned it into a skill card. Be mindful that a skill card is will always become a non-evolvable skill when you applied it to a new weapon. And once you extract that particular skill, the level of that skill will be reduced back down. So if you are planning to evolve a skill, try not to extract it yet until you got a weapon with the same skill that's evolvable.

To extract skills at certain rank requires certain level of Momotarou's affection. For skill rank 4, you need to finish up Kaga town and on the way to Echigo in order to unlock Momotarou's affection level of 17. Due to the game randomness of giving you a set of skill on the weapon, there is high possibility that you'll get a level 4 skill early in the game. So don't panic if you find yourself unable to extract those level 4 skills. You just need to progress further into the game.

After going to all that hardships to make yourselves stronger, there is something that we must tell you.

Ehem, those skill cards that you got from leveling up skill and extraction, it will erase one random skill on your weapon upon application. Yes, randomly.

That is why a weapon with evolvable skill is very-very rare. Not only you need to hoard those weapon loots, get it all identified with Lady Shizuka and manually check it by Momotarou, with a risk that you might accidentally sold them, if you are careless even more you could also erased it by applying new skill card. So don't try anything funky by adding new skill on a weapon that have evolvable skill, not matter how suck balls the other skills on that weapon.

You just have to grit your teeth and just use that stupid suck balls weapon, spamming the evolvable skill on a manageable mobs until you can evolve it. If someone complained about how much 'Water Dragon Spear' skill is overpowered compared with other skills from other weapons, then go ahead and stick your spear right up her ass and told her to shut the hell up. Its not that you can just happily put new skill card anywhere on a slot that you wanted without randomly deleting important skills anyway. So yeah, stick it up real deep, make her cry if necessary.

Personally, we think that this skill system is terribly busted. Some of us felt that.. is it really necessary to make it that hard just to utilize a skill in a game? Truthfully, all three of us didn't explore this skill system until we finally reached Kaga because it was just a waste of time. It was easier to hoard weapon loots and pick the 4 of the very best instead of going back and forth to crazy Momotarou.

Not to mention that there is 4 weapons swap system, so you only need one good skill on four weapons and rotate around to spam the skills. So yes, again, stick your spear up her backside real hard if she still insisting to complain about your 'Water Dragon Spear' skill.

But some people argue that it will make the weapon to be much more rarer. Well, it seems that its not just the weapon become rare, even new players become rarer. Perhaps that is the motive after all?


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