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[Games] Onigiri Online - Magatama

When you reached Yamataikoku, everyone in that village will take about a newcomer that pretty well versed in the art of Magatama. Came from foreign land, Kaguya is renowned for Magatama craft better than everyone else combined in Yamataikoku.

Unfortunately, Yamataikoku was under threat of a Kamikui and she almost ended up being sacrificed. After you saved her, she'll join your party and provide you with her skill of trade.

In Onigiri Online, there are no traditional equipment such as set of armors. Instead, Magatama would replace that function. Magatama allows you to boost your physical and magical defence, but some magatama offer other than just defenses, they also improve your character attributes and affinity. But don't worry your pretty head over how magatama works. You won't be utilizing her skill until you reached at least Kyoto.

First of all, crafting a magatama. You'll first learn about it when you reach Izumo Rest Area, where she will instruct you to craft a Purity magatama in order to progress in your story quest. The higher Kaguya's level of affection, the more magatama for crafting she would unlocked. You can also give her something called 'recipe' that you get from monster drop to unlock the new magatama.

At first, it may looked easy to craft your first magatama, Then, as you are lulled by the sense of excitement, you'll learned that it will took a considerable effort, time, and patience, just to craft a magatama of your choice.

Most magatama required something like elemental stones and marble glasses. These items are as rare as it can get. And at some point, a high-end magatama might require to look for a material that doesn't drop from anywhere other than magatama dissolution. Oh yes, you can dissolve your magatama.

Kaguya can also helps you to dissolve a magatama. Why would anyone dissolve their magatama, you asked? You see, you can get some of the item required to craft the magatama from the dissolution, that include those rare elemental stones. Although you can farm the elemental stones throughout your journey, there are item that simply not dropped from anywhere else, like Headband Blindfold or Fish Eye.

Therefore it is incredibly important that you DO NOT sell any random magatama that you get from monster's drop. Keep it, hoard it, like it was made of gold or something. If the magatama are starting to take spaces in your inventory and you have no uses for the magatama, then dissolve them. Believe me, you'll thank me for this.

Finally, magatama ornamentation. When you had or craft your first magatama, you'll probably noticed that there are some slots in your magatama info window. Those slots is for your magatama ornamentation. There are also something about Purity and Chakra in the info window.

Purity determine whether or not your magatama can accept an ornamentation. For example, magatama with Purity of 3 cannot accept ornamentation that require Purity of 4.

Chakra however determine the usage of err,, your chakra. Your character will have a limited chakra and as you level up, the amount of chakra that you have will increase as well. Chakra determine how many magatama that you can wear. Even though by default you can wear up to 4 magatama, if the amount of chakra from the total magatama you are trying equip exceed the limit, you might no be able to fully wear all four of the magatama.

On a very important note, ornamentation is like weapon smelting, meaning that there is chances that the process might fail. Although in weapon smelting, you'll lose the weapon if you fail. But for magatama ornamentation, you will not lose your magatama if you fail. Instead, the magatama slot would be broken. Meaning that if you magatama originally have 2 slot, failing in ornamentation means now you only one more slot left to be ornamented.

So, make sure to keep those chances up by spending whatever things can increase those success chance. In fact, always have a support item called 'Magatama Slot Aid' or something (crap, I forgot its name) that would keep your slot unbroken in a case of your ornamentation failed. Trust me, you do not want those slot to be broken.


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