Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Games] The Gate

The Gate is a mobile game that I find quite fascinating. Developed and published by the Spicy Horse and Mobage, The Gate is a combination of CCG (Card Collection Game) and RTS (Real Time Strategy), where you gathers cards of monsters, put in on a deck, a fight all of other monster. Sounds like your typical card game, yes?

Well, not really. You see, the fight is depicted in 3D animation and yes you got to control the monster by directing their attacks and use their special skill. This game is rendered so beautifully, its a shame that you can only moves around using action points. Gives you limited movement, but then again probably for you own good because this game could be very addictive.

Just like any other adventure games on mobile, this game have your typical format of questing for resources, join an arena for PVP, friends invitation, in-game purchases, and of course, game event.

To me, this game can be seen as neatly done. Just like the game Blood Brothers. The interface is highly interactive, and it may not seem much from the screen, but trust me with just a touch of you finger, you'll move your units around or cast magical spells throughout the battlefield. One thing that is different about this game is how it categorize its elemental power. Traditionally, it would green color would represent earth, blue as water and the light brownish could probably pass for a wind. But in this game, the green color represent liquid, or water. So yeah, the color green beats red, which is fire. And red beats blue, which is actually wind. While blue beats brownish color that turns out to be earth.

Yup, I made more than one mistakes when played this because I'm pretty sure red color supposed to be superior than green, because my mind quickly associate the colors with fire and earth/forest. Too bad it was actually fire and water.

Anyway, there are 4 places to travel in the world map. Although it seems like the places were divided into 4 distinguished element, make no mistake. All of those monsters were all mix up, and all over the place. You can have only 4 member in your team, and leveling up is really hard. You can only level up your monster through card sacrifice, so chances are the yield of looted card would determine you monsters level. But the hardships are quite rewarding. If you evolve you monsters using 2 fully level up card, you'll get a whooping stats bonus up to 65%! Impressive yes?

But yeah, because its a mobile game (actually you can also play it on the Web: check out HERE) so its not something that you would be able to spend too much time with. But its fun. That whats matter.

Boss battle!


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