Sunday, April 27, 2014

[Games] Hero DeckMasters

Another mobile game that attract my attention, Hero DeckMasters is combination between RPG (Role Playing Game) and TCG (Trading Card Game) developed and published by Mobage. The arts seems to be by NHN Play Arts, though I cannot be sure. I got that from the opening of the game, but the game description doesn't credit NHN Play Arts anywhere, except when the game first loading.

However, it was the arts and graphic designs that attracted me. It have a cartoonish and pleasant pictures for the cards. The gameplay however is quite generic where you go questing, PVP in the arena, just like any other adventure games. Just like any other generic card games, the game is purely mathematical. There is no elemental features means there a no weakness or strength against anything. The strongest, means the highest number won the battle.

Probably to add some spices to the mix, the game have a story plot, where it centers on a child who had a great father. The father, was one of the greatest Hero DeckMasters but some evil force risen up and killed that poor old man. The idea was that, the card is used to summon whatever that is on the card, and the summoned creature then used to battle with other card player. So maybe someone got a funny idea and used to murder someone else, that would explained how that kid's father died in a card game.

Well, whatever it is, dark forces have risen and its up to you to handle it by becoming the greatest card player ever, a Hero DeckMasters. So in this world of cards, there are 3 races for card creatures: Man, Monster, and Robot. You get to choose your affinity between the three to get a rare card related to that particular race that you have chosen. But other than that, there is no other benefit of choosing your affinity.

The graphic is actually quite eye-catching despite not being in 3D. The card illustrations, and the design is really nice. In my opinion, this game have a lot of potentials. But the problem is that the game lacked of content. Of course, the upside of it would be that the game is quite light. You don't need to use resources to run the game, though you would get an option right at the beginning asking whether you would want a normal card illustrations or HD (High-Definition) quality of card illustrations. I opt for the HD quality, but the game still running smooth. Truth to be told, I'm not really sure whats the difference.

As a game card, you'll have your own deck. And from there you would be arranging your cards in a 4 by 2 plot. In shorts, you can put up to 8 cards for battle, which then divided by front row and back row. The front row would attack the enemy head on, but the back row would only engage once there are 'holes' at the front row.

Of course if you have a long-range attacking card, it can attack even from the back row. The same goes for the buffing or healing card, where back row would be the safest place for them. That would be the rules for the card battle. But the thing is the cards doesn't level up though battle. Instead, you need to sacrifice your existing cards to boost the card of your choice. The cards however doesn't come easy. You don't engage the enemy a lot, in fact, the gameplay would be mostly you adventuring on a tabletop in a sub-section of an area.

Not all of those sub-section have enemies, most of the time you would just walk all the way to the end for a chest as reward. You do stumbled upon a hidden chest along the way, but you'll spend more time rolling the dice just to move forward. You can get more fight in the arena for PVP but the most battle you'll get is more than one. It could twice or thrice, and your done, thanks to the limitation of your movement points.

Too bad, the game is actually quite nice. Not to mentioned the game, light running as it might be, quite heavy on the data streaming. Every time you get to a new area, it would download a new batch of data. You won't be able to navigate its menu, let alone playing the game if you got disconnected or timed-out from your internet connection. Such as waste. I had an intense card battle back there.

Going forward? Downloading the contents now...


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