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[TV Series] RM Episode 190

Running Man VS Angel Eyes
Running Man Episode 190, it supposed to be a continuation to the Australia's episode, but this episode took place back in South Korea. Probably they already finished filming this one, and decided to air it first, instead on the last part of the Australia episode. Also, the Australia episode is too much of.. Australia. So maybe they put this episode here in between to remind themselves that this is still a Korean variety show. A good, healthy dose, of Korean Wave. Something like that. Anyway, episode 190 would be a race between 2 teams. The Running Man team and the Angel Eyes team. Variety versus Drama.

To match with the Running Man team, the Angel Eye team consist of 6 man and 1 woman. The woman would be Ku Hye-sun, and the rest of the men are Gong Hyung-jin, Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok, Kwon Hae-hyo, Lee Sang-yoon, and Seung-ri. Before the start of the race between the two team, their prizes were revealed. That is right, prizes. There were 2 golden envelopes, each from the variety department and drama department respectively. Winner wins it all.

The show started with a bit of a depressing atmosphere. The PDs quickly mentioned their intention of putting them in one group, so that their bond or relationship would be improved or something, after what happened in Australia. I don't really know what happen in Australia, because the episode would be aired one week later. But I can guess.

Not really important though, so long as the Running Man is lively as ever. Which they still are. Jae-suk hyung cracks up some jokes like usual, and both team were introduced. Then the general idea of what they about to do the whole day is revealed. Its simple, win the race/ mission given and earn some stuff that would help them on the final game. Simple, full of fun, old format of the Running Man show.

Stretching time!
The first mission is a relay race. In a 63 storey high building. There are 7 member on each team, that mean each of them would running up using stairs and take 9 floors each, if they divide the flight of stair evenly among them.

The relay race is called 'Trust Relay' where the runner need to trust each other. You can see from the race description that there is something fishy about this race. Would they really just going up flight of stair just to win?

Of course no, after Running Man team managed to get to the 63rd floor first, suddenly they were given a new mission, the real one. Turns out they need to find a certain thing on a certain floor. They would pass alongside the item that they were suppose to find while they were running up the stairs. So yes, its a teamwork exercise. Where each and every single member need to contribute in order to for the win. Sadly the Running Man team loses. Probably because they got used to goofing around too much (Gwang soo were ordering breakfast through the walkie-talkie, while the rest are stalling time asking random questions). In the end , the Angel Eyes won the Trust Relay, and got the 'right to choose' reward.

Whatever it is, it must be Kwang-soo's fault.
On their next destination, the Running Man member were in foul mood. It could be an easy win but, well, they were too confident and they didn't realize that their opponents are easily at par with their ability.

However, after being beaten at their own game, Running Man vows to be more serious. They resolves to defend their status the representative of the variety show. They are the Running Man, for god sake, how can they lose in a race when that is what they do every week. Racing!

Well,  turns out the next mission is not a race at all. Instead, it was a quiz. Dang, such misfortune. The drama team mostly consist of well-experienced artist and well-educated bunch too. In quick succession, Kwon Hae-hyo hyung literally took out 4 of the Running Man members. He even defeated Jae-suk hyung early in the game. It was a heavy blow to the Running Man team.

Jae-suk hyung was speechless.
It was not just Jae-suk hyung, Suk-jin hyung was also eliminated early in the quiz, causing Running Man to lose 2 of its most experienced and knowledgeable members.

Then Angel Eyes team keep on having a streak of winning until there were only Jong-kook left. To be fair, the Running Man team never took it serious with quizzes. They usually chooses the funniest answer and sometime drag the time so that their opponent would have the opportunity to challenge as well. They spend most of the time cracking jokes, the more the better, to make game more fun. Its been 4 years of Running Man, and if anything that remains the same in the Running Man show format is the end game. Its the end game that is important. So lets laugh now, and they could either win or cry later.

Running Man's logic.
They play around so much, at the end, Jong-kook choose medical topic for the quiz. Simply because his brother is a doctor, so they deduce that Jong-kook might know something about medical.

He managed to beat Hyung-jin but ultimately lose to the Sang-yoon, who is a graduate from Seoul University with a degree in Physic. He is in complete different level compared to Jong-kook.

To make thing interesting, the Running Man team asked for a special round, to pit Kwang-soo with Ji-seok. However the Angel Eyes team wants Jong-kook to kneel if they wanted the request accepted. It was hilarious. Jong-kook doesn't kneel that easy, and Kwang-soo doesn't exactly reliable to win anything. In the end, Kwang-soo lose to Ji-seok with a slight misunderstanding. They didn't listen closely to the question.

After sweating their brains out, time to get outdoor yet again. This time it would be the Acupuncture Mat Battle, where both teams need to rumble and thrown out their opponent from the ring (mat?).

I never understand what is it so painful about acupuncture mat. I have stepped on it before and it was never painful for me, ticklish maybe. If I'm not mistaken, if you felt pain when stepping on acupuncture mat, it means you are not healthy. But I'm not really sure about that. Anyway, yes, its rumble time.

Out! All of you!
It was hard to move let alone tried to throw your opponent out. So the strategy is to move in group and try to separate the opponent so they can be finished individually. Well, not for Jong-kook.

When Running Man team was about to lose, he quickly throw out 4 members of the Angel Eyes team to even the odds. For this game, Running Man team emerged victorious. When Running Man become serious, they really mean business.

Out of three games, the Running Man team only won once, so they only had one 'right to choose' reward. Hmm.. I wonder what it was for.  

The Best Firefighter Battle
The last game, time to get serious. This Firefighter Battle was inspired by a real international competition, the World Firefighters Games. The idea was to race though several obstacles where they need to perform some firefighting skills before they can proceed to the next checkpoint. This is not an individual battle, so each member need to perform for the good of the whole team.

The obstacles were: sliding down on the pole, piggyback your team member and walk barefooted on fire, extinguish fire in a barrel, climb the roof, shoot the water cannon at the target, and finally climb a rock wall and ring the bell. This would be like a relay race, so each checkpoint, the runners would switch roles once they finished overcoming their obstacles.

This is the time where both teams would be using their 'right to choose' reward to make their race easier. The Angel Eye team choose fire extinguisher for the extinguishing fire obstacle, and 5 meter distance for the target shooting obstacle. The Running Man only had one reward, so they choose rope in climbing the roof obstacle.

For the first runner, Running Man team put Ji-hyo to run and slide down the pole, because it was the easiest and she is useless especially in teamwork. Her opponent is Seung-ri, and well, both did well... What? All they did was sliding down on a pole.. its nothing special really. Good thing for getting rid of Ji-hyo though.

So yes, the next obstacle, fire-walking, is where the real race began. Gary and Hyung-jin quickly carry their teammate on piggyback and sprinted across the sizzling hot stones. Then he tagged Jae-suk hyung to start on his obstacle, putting out fire in a barrel. The Angel Eye team got fire extinguisher while the Running Man can only use gourd to carry the water to the burning barrel. Jae-suk hyung 's opponent is Hye-sun, but handling the fire extinguisher is quite tricky so Jae-suk hyung manage to catch up with her even when using only the gourd.

The next obstacle is roof climbing. Running Man team got the climbing rope, while Angel Eyes team would climb by hand. Huge mistakes. The rope turns out to be very essential. Climbing rope plus Jong-kook upper body strength, Running Man team managed to get far ahead than the Angel Eyes team. So far. Sang-yoon was stuck trying to climb the wall with his bare hand. He stuck for so long, that the Running Man even finishes the next obstacle, shoot the target with water cannon. In this obstacle, the water cannon is quite powerful and the distance is actually not relevant. Angel Eyes team should've taken the climbing rope.

The rest was a breeze. The Angel Eyes team was quite far behind, and in their panic state, they made some mistakes such as failing to adjust the water cannon pressure, causing them to lag even further behind. Though in the last obstacle, climb the rock wall and ring the bell, Kwang-soo is just like his cowardly hyung, Jae-suk hyung, so he got petrified after climbing up. This gives the Angel Eyes team to catch up, but ultimately, Kwang-soo managed to ring the bell first because of his long limbs. It was a close game at the end.

Yeah! Now they are not only the best Running Man,
but also the best FireFighters!!
Running Man team got the two golden envelops and turns out it was filled with cash prize. They totally deserve it.



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