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[TV Series] RM Episode 191

Nice to meet you all sheriff.
The continuation from the Australia episode where we all have been anticipating. Well, at least for me. When I watch the preview of the Stars of Running Hill, I was excited. It had the atmosphere of the old wild wild west, but instead of in America, its in Australia. So it can't be the Wild West, nope. Its the Gold Rush era in Australia that  resembles the cowboy's setting.

But yeah.. I'm going to be honest here. This episode here, the ending is a bit like a turd in a bowl, if you a die-hard fan of Running Man. Its laden with scripts, yes scripts. This episode is heavily scripted and I was quite disappointed. I thought with the cowboy theme setting, maybe they would get a water gun or play another Yoomes Bond episode, or perhaps playing sheriff shooting the bandits or something. But nope, it was.. well at least it entertaining. It is still entertaining, I'm not kidding, I'll includes all the funny bit and cut out the Ji-hyo - I mean, the scripted part as much as possible.

 At the beginning, the Running Man all gather at the Victoria Library. They all travel there individually by taxi for some reason. And when they got there, they were given a bit of the briefing about the show format for that day. They are to be the sheriff in the Running Hill, and they need to find a book with R label shaped like a star. If they open the book, they will get the same amount of the star on the book. Maximum is 4 star, and they can only open 1 book per person.

Knowing that the more star they have, the better it would be, they quickly try to the book with the most star. The star would represent their sheriff ranking, and nobody wants to be the low ranking.

Jong-kook managed to get 3 star book, and Jae-suk hyung got 4 star book. Kwang-soo almost managed to snatched the 4 star book from Jae-suk hyung. Turns out can be snatched if the finder didn't quickly open and see the content. Missed his chance with Jae-suk hyung, Kwang-soo chooses to find another target to snatch the book.

Then, Suk-jin hyung appeared and showed Kwang-soo of his 3 star book. Which ended with Kwang-soo getting that 3 star book. Suk-jin hyung is such a sad hyung. But why did he showed the book to Kwang-soo anyway? Because, why not? It would be funny that way. At the end, all of them were transported to the Rippon Lea Estate in the past.

I have no trouble choosing Jong-kook.
First, at the estate, they would be given a chance to increase the number of star that they have. 2 person will be pitted with each other, and the rest can use their star to bet on the outcome of the match.

The first match is paper flip game, Jong-kook hyung against Rain. The winner was Jong-kook, though it was a close call. Jong-kook failed at first, but Rain almost flipped the paper, but ultimately failed too. But on the second try, Jong-kook succesfully flipped the paper, and won. The game was a bit short, but it was entertaining. Rain lose his only star, but managed to get 1 star from Haha by appealing to his sense of compassion.

Ace 'script' mode on.
The second game was won by Ji-hyo. The game was to pour the water on someone head, she cheated just like that.

How did she cheat? She hold the glass with her hand. And also, the other member was helping her by telling her the direction of the glass.

This is part where everything will started to get rigged. The game the scripts, everything. So I'm going to skip here to the hilarious moment and funny bits.

Whatever, let go to next destination.
Woo-bin had the most star.
While Jae-suk hyung, Suk-jin hyung and Gary doesn't have any star.
Welcome, to the Running Hill Town.
Here, there will be missions that they can perform to increase their star.
The rules:
Lower ranked sheriff cannot attack a higher rank sheriff.
If they do, they will lose one star.
If a higher rank sheriff rip the tag of the lower ranked sheriff,
then all the stars would belong to the higher rank sheriff.

In Running Hill Town, they will dance.

They will whip.

They will play bowling.

They would even do some gold mining.
To a lower ranked sheriff, doing missions are important.
But for higher ranked sheriff?
Meet corrupt Sheriff Haha and his Deputy Kwang-soo.
They even harass Jong-kook. 
Corrupt Sheriff Haha is getting what he deserves.
So does the corrupt Deputy Kwang-soo, he is getting what he deserves.
Jae-suk hyung gain the Absolute Badge after he went underground looking for treasures.
And he about to do to Deputy Kwang-soo for what he did earlier.
Deputy Kwang-soo who love betraying people, got betrayed badly at the end.
Finally, a showdown. Only Jae-suk hyung and Woo-bin is left.

Maybe.. should they duel?

And... the end. Woo-bin emerged victorious but not of the result from fighting Sheriff Jae-suk hyung. Something happened at the end. Ji-hyo suddenly emerges with superpower and take this show's scripting to a new high level. I mean, really? Superpowers? You're in a cowboy theme setting and the water gun duel or something similar would be a solid gold ending, but instead you gave her superpowers? What the fuck??

Truth to be told, I was happy that Woo-bin won. Jae-suk hyung and him got ambushed by Ji-hyo when she activated another Absolute Badge and gain a Shadow (??), who was Rain. Jae-suk hyung was immediately taken out, because, fuck it, there is no way of winning this anyway. The Absolute Badge have a time limit and Woo-bin barely managed to keep himself alive until the time limit. Then he took out Ji-hyo with no effort.

This episode is completely fucked-up. The ending was fucked-up. You know what, next time, just give Ji-hyo all the gold. She is called 'Golden Ji-hyo' right? No need for games, missions or even matches. Just give her all the gold. Whats the point anyway, right? All of the Running Man were doing the missions like crazy such as whipping, dancing, mining gold, they even fight each other to rip the tags and gain the stars.

Even Jae-suk hyung had to go to the underground just to get his hand on that valuable Absolute Badge. But in the end, out of nowhere, another Absolute Badge plus a Shadow. Why didn't they put flaming lizard and flying unicorn while they at it? Or like that superpower Mind Controller where she can know about everyone and also whoever rip her tag will automatically taken out instead of her. In fact, just change the show's name into 'Ji-hyo and the Running Man' and the tagline would be, 'Shut up, just run'.

Now I understand why they need those teamwork exercise in episode 190.


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