Friday, April 4, 2014

[Movie] 300: Rise of an Empire

More like 'Rise of the Women', right guys? Its not that I have anything against feminism but this movie is totally like turd in a bowl. A complete disappointment and anti-climatic. It supposed to be the sequel for the 300 film, the one with King Leonidas (Gerald Butler), but in the movie 300, everyone died including King Leonidas. Anyway, this movie is a fictional reenactment of the ancient battle, and by fictional, I mean some of the scenes would be exaggerated or just for fun.

So this movie takes place after the battle of Thermopylae, the death of King Leonidas, and during the reign of Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey). The deceased King Leonidas only slowed down the Persian army from marching all over Greece, so the threat of invasion still loom over Sparta and Athens.

Its true that sex and violence does sells. And this movie right here have the both of them, by depicting a whole lot of bloodbath, raping, and pillaging. I know that this movie receives mixed reviews, where some would enjoy this movie, while others like me won't enjoy it much. The reason was that, for me personally, I watched it because of the Spartan theme where I expected to see some Spartans to do some blood spilling, not boning. If I wanted to watch that, I would have rented a porn video.

The movie started with Queen Gorgo asserted herself as the ruler of Sparta. She starts by telling Spartan men the beginning of the Persian War, where the Archaemenid Empire of Persia, led by King Darius I, declared war on all of Greece. King Darius I however was killed by the Athenian general, Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton), during the Battle of Marathon. Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) was Darius's son, after the defeat of Persian army, well, Xerxes pretty pissed off and vow to seek revenge for his father death. But the prowess of the Greek hoplites dissuade the Persian from mounting another invasion.

So one thing led to another, Xerxes becomes the God-King of Persia, and he had a trusted adviser of some kind that support his campaign against the Greek. Naval Commander Artemisia (Eva Green), a woman who really hates the Greek because the Greek hoplites once raped and killed her entire family in the past. Also, they made her as a sex slave when she was a little girl and then left on the side road to die. Until a Persian took her in and gave her shelter, she grew up with only one goal in mind, the destruction of Greece. Artemisia killed all of the God-King's advisers that against the idea of invading Greece again. It was made to look that she was the one who goaded Xerxes to launch another invasion to Greece.

This time the fight would be at the Battle of Salamis. A naval battle, which means the Spartans wouldn't be much in this movie. Instead, it revolves around the Athenians. So yeah, it wouldn't be a Sparta who would do the boning but its the Athenians. Wait, which scene of it consist of boning, you ask? There would be a scene where the Athenian general, Themistocles would be fucking with Artemisia as she tried to convince him to join her, and become her second-in-command. Turns out Themistocles fucked her hard first, then gave his answer later, which is no. This infuriated Artemisia even further and she vows even more revenge against the Greek.

Well, you had violence, sex, might as well put in a scornful bitch while you at it. Anyway, at then end, the Greek ships met with the Persian, they fought like crazy and the sea turned red by the blood of the fallen. Also Eva Green had a crazy monkey sex with the enemy's general before the battle. That would probably what distracted the whole Persian navy because they lost the naval battle.

The Spartan Navy joins in late in the fight. They were led by Queen Gorgo, because, hey why not? The Persian killed her husband, so she might as well joins in the fight. When the movie ends, I have no idea why its was called the Rise of an Empire...


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