Friday, June 20, 2014

[Movie] Godzilla

Not exactly the most waited movie, I think. Were you guys excited when this movie came out? To be honest, there was another movie just like this one, Americanized Godzilla, also bear the same tittle which is 'Godzilla'. It was released on 1998. And urm... it got Razzies Award. A lot.

So what about this one? Released on 2014, obviously with a cutting-edge CGI technique, bigger budget, bigger explosion, stuff like that. Surely this movie would blow your mind. Right?

Well, if family fun entertainment can blow your mind, then this is it. It will make your kids scream for anticipation. It would be a great line up 'must watch with your kid' on the weekend for family time. You'll have breakfast with your kid in the morning in the mall, buy the movie ticket, and spend some time playing bowling together. Then you and your kids will start watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return, and hey, who wanna watch Godzilla next? Come on kids, this weekend we're having cinema marathon.

This is how big the Godzilla going to be, in the film
And you guys, are totally gonna have fun. Don't take my word for it, but yeah. Kids would really go crazy over this movie. Monsters, guns and tanks, some jets and warships.

Apparently, the previous Godzilla movie in 1998, lack of thrill and suspense. Well, to me it was good for my movie marathon collection, I still had the DVD on my shelf. But yes, the previous movie was not exactly a blockbuster material. More like a cartoon.

Because cinema go-er usually are not kids, so if a movie doesn't appeal to the older age group such as teenagers and young adults, then the excitement would started to die out on the second week. And that what happened to the 1998's Godzilla movie. So for this new Godzilla movie, some new element of thrill, suspense, and anticipation were added extensively. In fact, Godzilla didn't show it face until the second half time of the movie.

This is MUTO.
And also, there was another monster called MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). Wait, it were another two, MUTO 1 and MUTO 2. The plot revolved around MUTO 1 on the first half of the movie, where this monster was awakened and started to hunt for some delicious radioactive.

Then, MUTO 2 started to awakened as well because, turns out MUTO 1 have been broadcasting some mating calls, and they decided to get freaky right in the middle of the San Francisco. And all of these, happened with Godzilla stalking them. Apparently, (it was revealed in the movie) mankind already knew the existence of Godzilla. And all of those nuclear tests performed in the past by various countries, was actually an attempt to murder Godzilla.

Which is weird, because Godzilla and MUTO feeds on radiation. So its like trying to kill a human by throwing a potato. But Godzilla probably liked that very much, so he must have perceived that the MUTOs were disturbing his food source. And that, lead to the monsters showdown.

Pretty good movie, enjoyable, and definitely a great family fun film. But, don't expect much if you going to watch it in the cinema. Like I mentioned before, Godzilla only started to appear on the second half of the movie.


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