Thursday, July 17, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 203

Continuity from the previous episode. For this episode, they will have a one day tour race, where they get to go around and play. And by play, I meant doing mission. And by doing mission, I meant its not going to be easy.

The guests were just the same as the day before. But the team will be shuffled a little bit. This time they were put into couples, and also they have lost their memory. Wait what? Oh yes, the theme this time, they have lost their memory from the night before, and they need to recover their memory by racing toward the end goal.

 Yeah, I didn't really gets it, but let us play along anyway. The couples were Best Face Couple (Jae-suk hyung & Ju Ji-hoon), Billiards Couple (Gary & Cha Yu-ram), Event Couple(Haha & Heo Kyung-hwan), Blind Date Couple (Jong-kook & Son Na-eun), 1st Year Anniversary Couple (Baek Sun-hyun & Yoon Bo-mi), Tourist Couple (Fabien & Sam Otswiri), Office Co-Worker Couple (Kwang-soo & Ji-sung), and finally Siblings Couple (Suk-jin & Ji-hyo). Each and every single one of the couples have their own back story. Like Best Face Couple, they were trying to win prizes so they can afford a beauty treatment. While Office Co-Worker Couple trying to earn some funds to help their company.

Not much were explained, but they were assured that the answers lied at the finish line. And so they embarked into a journey to restore back their memory and reached their goals. There were a lot of activities, just like the previous episode. In fact, even the show itself seems to cut a lot of scenes and concentrating on the most important one, especially the funny moments and winning situations. So I'll too just snap some interesting scenes as well. Because I don't want to end up long-winded.

Ji-sung, Ji-hoon, Kwang-soo, and Jae-suk.
They were talking about they winning last night.
It was a lot of gold.
The list schemes that managed to lure gullible Suk-jin hyung.
The Sibling Couple back story, Suk-jin is bad in investment.
So the little sister is helping him to get his focus straight. 
And the list keeps on better and better.
Little Sister: "Seriously brother, don't wish for another schemes!"
Big Brother: "But I really wanted to wish for that though."
Suk-jin hyung was completely immersed in his character.
They went for the silkworm experience.
Do the rodeo.
And many more.
Just like the previous episode, they can choose their own path.
But the real deal is actually the secret mission.
Yes, Kwang-soo and Ji-sung actually have to do a secret mission.
They were actually Client & Problem Solver Couple.
PD: "So you don't remember, right?"
Kwang-soo: "Ei what are you saying so early in the morning?"
Ji-sung: "What's wrong with your life?"
Kwang-soo was the client and Ji-sung was the Problem Solver.
They team up to exact revenge againt the other members.
But truthfully, Kwang-soo can be quite pitiful.
Their secret mission was to ripped the other members nametag.
Without raising their suspicion of course.
And before the others finished the race.
Ji-sung: "Kwang-soo is always like this."
Luckily, thanks to his troublemaker reputation,
they avoided a lot of suspicion by being just Kwang-soo.
Gary: "What were you doing behind her back?!"
Even when Kwang-soo was literally caught in the act by the camera.

At the end, the Office Co-Worker/ Client & Problem Solver Couple manage to complete their secret mission. Though they unable to stop Blind Date Couple from finishing first, but Kwang-soo and Ji-sung gets the second place all the way to the fourth place prizes, which was cash money. Wow, did they win a a lot.

The other member argued that how are they supposed to know there was a secret mission, to which the PDs revealed that Kwang-soo and Ji-sung mission was to ripped and placed back the other members' nametag, while being filmed. And they have to do it to everyone, with no exception.

It was indeed a hard mission, even I was surprised that when they managed to rip Jong-kook's nametag. Jong-kook was known to be very sharp, and he dislike people ripping his nametag because he doesn't want the tag to be loose if it was ripped too many times.

Anyway, Ji-sung and Kwang-soo truly deserves the prizes. I was seriously thought that they would failed with Kwang-soo cried and being punished by Jong-kook, but they totally pulled it off. Barely though.


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