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[TV Series] RM Episode 202

This episode was actually separated into two. The first day and the second day. But both episodes were unrelated in term of the theme. For this episode, the theme was Quiz Battle. Where they would do quizzes along the their travel. Travel to where? To their next episode.

I wanted to write about this episode as fast as possible, but I was busy a couple a week ago. This episode was another unique episode where Jae-suk hyung didn't participate in the race, instead he accompany them as the MC. The Running Man except for Jae-suk hyung were divided into teams of 3 people. The guests were Fabien, Sam Otswiri, Son Na-eun, Yoon Bo-mi, Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon, Cha Yu-ram, Heo Kyung-hwan, and Baek Sung-hyun.

There are 5 teams: Flower Looks Main Character (Heo Kyung-hwan, Baek Sung-hyun, Ji-hyo), Global Main Character (Haha, Fabien, Sam Otswiri), Idol Main Character (Gary, Son Na-eun, Yoon Bo-mi), Sports Main Character (Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Cha Yu-ram), and Movie Main Character (Lee Kwang-soo, Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon). Jae-suk hyung was not in any team, instead he was dressed like a tour guide with a mini speaker to be the MC of the day.

If you had watched the episode where Jae-suk hyung became the MC for the day, then you'll know that in variety show, MC's word is game's rule. And Jae-suk hyung really loves to pull pranks. For this episode he is called MC Yoo.

But first, the PDs revealed their destination, and their final mission for the day. At the end of their destination, they will have a Quiz Battle, so throughout the journey today, there would be games that will allow them to win some 'Chance' card to help them in the Quiz Battle. Also, the prize will be extraordinary. Well, well. In the previous episode, they did give out a big diamond ring. So when the PDs said that, obviously its not a joke.

Anyway, this episode here was quite lively and full of activities. Though I'll just snap the best moment of them all. First, like always, they open up with hilarious introductions. Running Man this time brought in a new flavor into the show, 2 foreigners, Fabien and Sam Otswiri, just to spice things up. So MC Yoo asked all of teams to come up with their own cheer, to emulate each team's identity.

Suk-jin hyung is good at coming up with a short and hilarious cheer.

'Ju Ji Soo' means You Can Do.
It sounded exactly like what Kwang-soo would say everyday.
To himself, LOL
Later, they played the wits game just to kill time.
The Sports team almost lost.
But MC Yoo commented that the team could possibly win with
Jong-kook alone.
And MC Yoo really loves teasing Jong-kook.
At the end, Sports team lost.
And the punishment was that they have to go all the way to Busan.
And comeback to Singyeongju Station.
And while they are on their way to do their mission,
Gary took the opportunity to interview his teammates.
Turns out the answer weren't to his expectation.
Both Bo-mi and Na-eun liked MC Yoo.
They are also MC Yoo fans.
They commented that Gary is a bit too chic for their taste.
Gary however can't accept himself losing to MC Yoo.
He told them that men should be stylish or chic.
"But Jae-suk oppa has that chic sometimes, right?"
"Ah, I can't win against Jae-suk hyung..."
Gary finally realized his shortcoming. LOL
Anyway, the girls led him to a balloon ride of 150 meters high.
"That's why people said girls are problems of our life." LOL
They had to go to different places and find the clue for their next destination. There are several places that they can choose, and each will give them one clue. There were 3 clues to find. After they found it, they must race to get to the next destination as quickly as they can. Though Sports team had the disadvantage of being sent all the way to Busan.

The Global team thought they are the first to arrive.
Because they didn't saw other teams around.
But MC Yoo proved them wrong.
"Good, now go find the 'R' flag."
They didn't saw any other team because the others are looking for the flag.
But despite the chaotic situation, Haha found the flag.
"Don't go there or do you want it get stolen?"
Haha was too excited, he totally forgot that Jong-kook was still around.
But it wasn't just Jong-kook that he have to worry about.
MC Yoo is a notorious prankster.
He even used the mini speaker to make an announcement.
"You guys, Haha have the flag here."
Everyone including Jong-kook quickly surrounded Haha.
But luckily, Haha still wins.
Next, the have the charade game.
They have to describe the words to MC Yoo.
In other word, the team victory depends on MC Yoo.
They all know MC Yoo really loves pranking people.
So Jong-kook quickly warned MC Yoo.
"If we wrong, we might get punished now,"
"But after this game, you'll get a punishment as well."
Anyway, at the end Movie team won.
Finally, the last battle.
Its more like a written test.
They were given time to study.
So this game depends on their memory, instead of general knowledge.
Though general knowledge would also helps.
The idea was to outs whoever got the wrong answer.
Ji-sung couldn't answer a really easy question:
'What's the food that women loved and approved by Casanova?'
The answer was easily a chocolate.
He was to nervous to remember. LOL
Despite everyone's prediction that Kwang-soo will be oust early.
But that because he really loves giving ridiculous answers.
"I would have nearly slapped you" MC Yoo commented.
Finally. Kwang-soo was taken out.
After he spend all of his team 'Chances' needlessly.
Gary also got taken out hilariously.
He used his chance to know who got the wrong answer.
And there were only 2 answers.
Wait-- that means?!
There 0 wrong answers.
If all participants answers correctly..
Then the one who question will get the punishment instead.
Gary didn't even get to choose. LOL
The final winner was the Movie Main Character team.
Movie Main Character team, consists of Ji-sung, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kwang-soo, won the whole thing. All 15 golden miniatures of astronomy observatory. Wow, that is a lot. This episode was really exciting. In case you didn't notice, Kwang-soo cast in a movie along with Ji-sung and Ji-hoon. That's why they seems to be close. I like this kind of episode because it less of competition and more of team work. So there were a lots of funny moments.

But the journey not ended. Yes, this episode continues on the next day, on the next episode. And there would be another prize/ prizes to win.


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