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[TV Series] RM Episode 213

This episode was previewed a lot in the episode of 212. The first 5-7 minutes were literally shown before, where the guests were revealed to be Seo Woo, Lee Yoo-ri, Kim Min-seo, Choi Yeo-jin, and Yoo In-young. But the preview was quite intense, seems like very exciting. Turns out it wasn't so bad. The theme for this episode is about Chaebol. Apparently the episode's title seemed to be a parody of something. Because its clearly written "It's Okay, I'm a Chaebol", where it's similiar to a drama that Kwang-soo was starring called "It's Okay, That's Love".

Not to mention that Kwang-soo got an award for it. The Excellence Award for actor from the 7th Korea Drama Award. It could be just me though, maybe I'm over thinking about stuff. But it just so oddly familiar. Anyway, this episode race was about looking for a Chaebol. Meaning that one of Running Man was supposedly to be a Chaebol, and the guests will get the chance of getting partnered with the Chaebol.

In case you doesn't know what a Chaebol is, its literally meant 'wealthy clan'. The term is used to refer a member of a wealthy family controlled corporate group, or a plutocrat. So in this episode, there was a second-generation Chaebol (something akin to Chairman's son or heir) among the Running Man. The guests each paired with the Running Man, and throughout the race, they can opt to change their partner to increase their chance of err.. getting hooked up with the Chaebol.

The pairing was: Seo Woo & Jae-suk hyung, Ji-hyo & Suk-jin hyung, Kim Min-seo & Jong-kook, Yoo In-young & Haha, Lee Yoo-ri & Gary, Choi Yeo-jin & Kwang-soo. They played a few games, and in each game, the winning pairs will have the chance to change their partner. Not immediately and only the females do the changing. The winners also got some hints regarding on the Chaebol identity.

The guests this time were really hot blooded. And they were also quite hard to handle. It was shown that it took them quite some time to get ready for the first game, called 'The Red Earth's Desire' (actually it was just a mud game). Some of them were reluctant to change their shoe, but the Running Man managed to convince the female guests that they can't run with that kind of shoes. Unless of course, they wanted a broken heel and then some more.

The guests were quite wild and unruly, the PDs actually had to stop the game and revised the rules. The most pitiful was obviously Kwang-soo, but even Suk-jin hyung got himself kicked several times. At first, they were only need to climb the stage in the middle of the mud pool and remained as the only pair. But there were so much kicking, pulling, and at some point Kwang-soo was turned into a human stairs.

At first, it was funny. But then after several times, its actually becoming quite dangerous. I think the PD blow the whistle and stopped the game because at that time it appeared that Jae-suk hyung was getting crushed by several body weights. When they stopped and the other participants were complaining about their opponents fierceness, Jae-suk hyung and Kwang-soo couldn't even say anything (and both of them are known to be talkative and loud). The only thing Jae-suk hyung managed to utter was that he is okay, with a heavy breathing.

Afterward, the rules where changed where there was a time limit of 100 seconds, and anyone who unable to climbed the stage was considered taken out. On second round, the remaining pairing that could get on the stage and stand together would win. After being stepped on like a piece of dirt, Kwang-soo managed to win first place in the game with Yeo-jin.

They then moved to another location for their next game. After having bathed in a pool of mud, the female guests no longer fuss about much. The next game is another water game, and they all drenched wet anyway. The game is called, 'Evidence Destruction'. They were given time limit to shred a poor written scripts using manual paper shredder.

The female guests, much more calmer than the previous game, took this chance to perform their superb acting. Oh yes, by the way the couples need to perform some act in order to earn extra time. Otherwise they need to complete the task within 30 seconds. The first winner was Yoo-ri and Gary,

The most hilarious was Yeo-jin and Kwang-soo. They both were quite a pair, both are models and actors. Although Kwang-soo actually failed his act because he couldn't get serious when Yeo-jin teased him with a pouting lips for a kiss. But Yeo-jin slapped him right across the face and told him to get a hold of himself, to continue with the act. It earned them 10 seconds bonus, and they almost made it. Too bad, they both got drenched with water and Kwang-soo appearance changed into something else. Its amazing how photogenic Kwang-soo is. Combined with Yeo-jin, it looked so sweet.

The best act was Min-seo & Jong-kook and Seo Woo & Jae-suk hyung. Though Min-seo & Jong-kook won the game second place while Jae-suk hyung pair didn't won at all. Jong-kook spun the manual paper shredder so fast it almost rivaled an automatic version of the machine. Wow, it was amazing. He indeed earned that BGM called "What we need is a hero".  

Finally, they came to the last game. From all the hint that the female guest had gathered, most of them who had win the earlier game had the chance of swapping their partner. Their pairing now changed based on the end result, where the new pairing was: Jae-suk hyung & Min-seo, Suk-jin hyung & Yoo-ri, Gary & Seo Woo, Jong-kook & Ji-hyo, Kwang-soo & Yeo-jin.

The hint for this episode race was actually quite good. My first guess was actually Kwang-soo, but turns out I was wrong. It was really hard to guess really. Because at this point, most of the members shared a lot of characteristic. Such as, all of them fond of idols, all of them are talkative, and all of them can be represented by certain animal. Only by a few traits that differentiate them.

At first it was almost certain that Jae-suk hyung was the Chaebol because Min-seo, who got the most hint, changed her pairing from Jong-kook to Jae-suk hyung. Jae-suk hyung managed to tried his luck by getting his own name tag and stand on the pedestal, but it was wrong. Obviously another person who shared close traits with Jae-suk hying is Suk-jin hyung. The hints that they were based on were, 'has an album', 'loved ttakji', 'wear glasses'.

Earlier, my guess was Kwang-soo because Yeo-jin got a hint about loyalty. The only person with that kind of hint is usually Kwang-soo. But turns out the hint was actually about the 'Betrayer Club'. So finally, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into places. 'Part of Betrayer Club', 'married', and 'initial name is J' were the crucial hints. In fact, with Betrayal Club hint alone should reduced the guess to only 3 person.

The identity of the real Chaebol is actually Suk-jin hyung. Unfortunately, in order to win, the pair need to find Suk-jin hyung name tag, put it on, and stand on the pedestal that have been prepared. Kwang-soo found Suk-jin hyung name tag, but yeah, being maknae and all of that, means he got to get on the ground and stepped on like a pile of hot steaming shit on the side road. Something like that.

In the end, Jae-suk and Min-seo won, because it was already established that there can be more than 1 name tag with the same name at a time, so both of them just went and find another Suk-jin hyung name tag. I salute Jae-suk hyung for his professionalism. Slapstick comedy should not induce real bodily injury.


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