Thursday, October 30, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 215

Another bride/ couple/ wedding episode. But instead of turning couples into teams, this time there were 2 team, composed of the bride and groom family. They started off with western styled family meeting where the guests were introduced. Only 2 guests came by this time, Jo Jung-suk and Shin Min-a. Jung-suk is part of the groom family, while Min-a is from the bride family.

Probably to avoid Running Man fans' secret fantasy went wild, the bride and groom were pre-selected. Min-ah was the bride, while Jae-suk hyung and Suk-jin hyung were her older brother, Ji-hyo was the older sister, and Kwang-soo was the fraternal twin (?) of Min-ah. While Gary was the groom, Jong-kook and Haha became his brothers, with Jung-suk being the cousin.

But of course, both families were at odd, and they opposed this union. Some even had personal interest and wanted to be the bride/ groom themselves, and so began the family dispute. In order to restore confidence, the bride and groom needs to rip out the name tags from opposing family, for you know, receive their acceptance. If the bride/ groom failed to do so in given limited time, the surviving family member can take their place as the bride/ groom.

Frankly, it would be hilarious if Kwang-soo would turn out to be the bride. I think the PD intentionally made Kwang-soo the fraternal twin because of his alter ego character, Kwang-ja. That would make Gary weep, LOL.

But the bride was Min-a, and Gary was determined to keep it that way. They both worked together, and finally manage to receive 'acceptance' from both of the family. Good thing Min-a also wanted Gary to be the groom. Because Jung-suk tried to convince Min-a to make a change, but no avail.

Afterward, they 'officially' got married, and need to go strengthen the families ties. Hence several games for the both of the families. It was all family fun entertainment, and they all participate without too much hassle. But then the prize for winning the games was lottery money. And the money sparked the families dispute yet again.

At first, they were happy for winning the money prize. Until they reached the final destination, it was revealed that they need to pick which family get to hold the prize money. At first Min-a wanted to hold the money, which Gary allowed it. But his family maintained that the man should keep the money, while the bride's family argued that woman is the one that managed money in the household. And so began the final race with the families ties on the verge of being split.

Both family need to complete the bridal wish list, and whichever family complete their list will win. In previous episode, Jae-suk did this prank to fool the participants just for fun. Kwang-soo did the same in this episode, but he ended up fooling his own family because the gullible one was in his family.

At the end, the groom's family won. They were all so happy, but the bride's family felt a little bad for Min-a. But like usual, there was a twist at the end. The PD asked Gary whether he wanted to share the prize money with his family, to which quickly put his brothers and cousin on alert. Turns out he can choose to keep the money to himself, or share with his own family, or....

Share the money with the bride and reunite both family. Both families tried to convince Gary to do the 'right thing'. Jae-suk hyung even sung a love song to appeal to Gary. Finally, Gary chose Min-a and he was warmly welcomed by the bride's family. Though his brothers and cousin didn't seemed to happy. But it was a good ending. Beautiful bride over brothers.


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