Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 214

In this episode, Running Man featured casts from 'My Lovely Girl' TV series. Hence there were 2 competing groups, The Running Man team and My Lovely Girl team. The guests were Park Young-gyu, Kim Ki-bang, Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), Krystal, and Alex Chu. Because they were numbered only 6 people, so Jae-suk hyung was included in the My Lovely Girl team.

Even though the main casts from My Lovely Girl drama seemed to be the main appearance, that red little title in the screen showed something different. Its was titled '3-Pro Star Race Special' and almost looked like it had nothing to do with the show. Well, there were going to be a special appearance midway through the show.

The games in this episode was fast-paced, and decisive, The race was called Audition Race, and they need to go through obstacles using teamwork effort where the prizes (golden microphones) will be given to team instead of individual. There was however, a catch. Any team that failed in the mini-game/ obstacles, would have one member to be removed for the remainder of the race. Meaning that any team that didn't do well going through the obstacles will be in severe disadvantage at the end.

And its not just about losing member to participate the final part of the Audition Race, but those members that were voted out won't be able to make much appearance.

After 2 obstacles, with Haha and Alex got voted out, 3 Olympic athletes made a special appearance. They were Im Oh-kyung (Olympic handball player), Kim Dong-moon (Olympic badminton player), and Woo Ji-won (Olympic basketball player). This part was quite hilarious because of Jong-kook. Sometimes I wonder, is he really that bad with badminton?

The situation in this episode was similar to episode 86, and I remembered it very clearly because it was crazy hilarious. Serengeti team, composed of Jong-kook, Kwang-soo, and Suk-jin hyung. And there were also other similiar moments like this in the special Asian Dream Cup episodes.

By the end part of the Audition Race, those that got voted out was Haha, Alex, and Young-gyu. Leaving the My Lovely Girl team to be only 4 people, while the Running Man team have 5 people. Turns out that those that got voted out, ended being the judges for audition. With My Lovely Girl team voted out 2 of its own members, obviously lose some points there because the judges were same persons,

However, I personally felt that My Lovely Girl team have an advantage with Jae-suk hyung in their team. If you are fan of Yoo Jae-suk, you'll know that Jae-suk hyung in his early years made a lot of parody films and music videos.

So their performance wasn't just great, but it was hilarious. The Running Man production team were also great in capturing the performance and edited the whole thing. Because even though they only performed on a stage with an hour for preparation, the whole show looked like a real music video with solid focus on the best moments.


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