Thursday, October 30, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 216

Running Man Heroes special episode. This time, instead of giving them superpowers and whatnot, they were without one. There were no guests this time too. Probably because there were separate missions involved and too many people can stretched the production team too much. Anway, Jae-suk hyung was Superman, Suk-jin hyung was Batman, Gary was Son Goku, Haha was Hong Gil-dong, Jong-kook was Wolverine, Kwang-soo was err.. an Avatar character, and Ji-hyo was Wonder Woman.

Instead of following popular culture like the Avengers, or Justice League, this time the heroes was a bunch of misfits. For example, Hong Gil-dong and Son Goku are Eastern heroes. While Avatar (Kwang-soo) is no even a superhero. Misfits as they maybe, it didn't stop them from working together. And so, 'Yoo'perman, 'Ji'tman, 'Gae'oku, 'Ha' Gil-dong, 'Kook'verine, 'Kwang'vatar, and Wonder Wo'Mong' assembled together.

This episode was probably for some sort continuation for the superheroes special episodes because if I remembered correctly the Superheroes Assessment / Avengers episode before this, kind of, went south at end. But it did follow some of pattern here, where in previous episodes, they first gain their power, but kind of failed the assessment thing at the end.

Now that they made this episode, it kind of remind us all of what was missing. A supervillain. So in this episode, the heroes will fight a common enemy, a supervillain that called himself the Anti-Hero (obviously its Go Dong-wan). The supervillain had removed the heroes of their power, and they need to perform individual and team missions in order to gain back their power.

First, they all went to their own destination for individual mission. Jae-suk hyung mission was the funniest, probably because of Jae-suk hyung wittiness. His mission was 'look for my lost sister', and when the citizen asked for his help, he just cheekily respond back by telling  her to use her mobile phone. LOL. It is modern age now, anyway.

The most fun mission probably Kwang-soo. His mission was 'find auntie's missing coin under vending machine'. He bravely asked help from several female students, though they were surprised with his body-paint/ costumes. Throughout the ordeal he kept blabbering about Earth (though technically, Avatar is from planet Pandora). But it was good that he kept interacting with people despite his ugly make-up.

Next was also an individual mission. Each of them need to cross two building using a plank prepared by the production team. Of course there were safety nets and rope railing. But while crossing, they must wear a blindfold and also, the rope railing only cover one side.

Funniest scenes were Kwang-soo's and Jae-suk's crossing. Because both of them made it to end, but with a whole lot of moaning noises, and Jae-suk hyung even almost cried. Anyway, the crossing was fake. They didn't really walked on the plank across two building, but the was a smaller crossing on a flat floor. It just that because they were blindfolded, that they panicked a little bit.

Right before the end, they had one more mission, but this time it was a teamwork mission. They need to do a relay race against a bus. It was kind of hard, because you know, even Sparta'kook' cannot outrun a moving vehicle. Or can he? Regardless whether they can or not, everyone was a bit anxious.

And I think this is the first time I ever saw Jong-kook looked this anxious. Oh yes, the best moment for this mission was actually Jong-kook's moment. He was literally singing an encouragement tune to himself.

In the end, based on their successes earlier, they received hints to their next location. They all managed to get to the final location, though Kookverine, Jitman, Ha Gil-gong, and Kwangvatar, were lagging a bit. On their way there, there started to suspect each other to be the real Anti-Hero. Well..

Initially, Kwangvatar was given a weird hint where it said 'the chairs that will restore their power only numbered up to 6'. But there were 7 of them, so it must meant one of them won't get to restore his own power. However, the chairs have matching patterns painted on them, leading to creation of '7 chairs' all together when matched. Anti-Hero probably told Kwangvatar about this to initiate Kwang-soo's 'betraying routine'.

Good thing they all decided to work together at the end. The thing is, Kwang-soo was actually 'sacrifice-able'. He was Kwangvatar, of the Avatar, remember? Avatar is not a superhero, therefore he have no need to restore his superpower. But because it was Gaeoku that didn't get a chair, so they need to improvise something for his seat, and Kwangvatar won't let go his place easy. He had worked really hard all day long that day.

He did run around the city with body paint and costume like that.. It was a great ending, for all of them. Quite touching really.


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