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[TV Series] RM Episode 218

Sometimes simple is better. Instead of covering a wide area of place, this time the Running Man will be running around in one building. The theme this time was 'Music Concours'. Running Man was hosting their 1st Music Concours, and every music instrument playing geniuses were invited. The guests for this episode were Kim Ji-hoon, Jeong Eun-ji, and Oh Yeon-seo.

The show started with the music geniuses receiving their invitation card to the 1st Running Music Concours, including Kwang-soo the 'Lunatic Violinist'. Later, they all gathered together at the music stage where the competition was held. Each of the music geniuses plays different music instrument. And they started to introduced themselves, excited to start their performance.

But they couldn't, because their application have yet to approved. Turns out they need to perform a mission together, in order to have their application to be approved. Their first mission was 'Playing Music with Your Body'. Its a teamwork mission, so they need to work together to complete it. In this mission Eun-ji showed her talent in music by orchestrating the performance.

Unfortunately, they didn't manage to complete the mission within 7 tries, and completed it with 10 tries. So 3 of the music geniuses didn't get their application form, and they have to go and find it around the building. All three of them were the ladies, including Eun-ji. It was kind of weird that Eun-ji didn't get a application form where she performs very well, and all the guys protested. But not to worry, there was larger plot at play there.

While the guys were fooling around with music instruments, suddenly there were announcement that Eun-ji was out of the competition. And it sent chill right into the guys' spine, because none of them had left the stage except for the ladies. Maybe the ladies found some blank application papers, wasn't enough for everyone, and got into a cat fight or something like. Whatever it was, something was on and they had no idea what.

When the ladies got back from looking the application form, the guys interrogated them. But none knew what really happened to Eun-ji. The concours of course, would continue as scheduled, and the rest of them continued the next mission. This time they will be looking for polaroid cameras to take their own pictures, and complete their application form.

But the concours host admit that the culprit was still around, bid them to be careful, and told the musicians that they can report the culprit if they found it. Of course, false report means the one that reported would be taken out of the competition instead. So they need to be sure the identity of the culprit.

While looking for the polaroid cameras, the musicians also found hints about the culprit. They came up with a lot theories, including that Eun-ji might took herself out to hunt them all down in secret, or one of them is actually performing a secret mission. Jong-kook and Haha found a secret writing that said the culprit was among them. Whatever it was, the mystery only grew bigger.

Then, the stupidest thing happened. Ji-hyo was taken out. I cannot believed that she got an elaborate scenes where she investigated here and there, and just stupidly got taken out. It actually put the whole elaborate scenes into question, such as, are you sure this isn't scripted? Somehow I felt bad to the PD. They must gone through a lot to make it look legit. I'll get to that later.

Back to other musicians, they found more and more hint about the culprit. After Ji-hyo, the culprit went straight to Gary. Poor Gary, he didn't even know whats happening. Funniest tag ripping was Gary's. The culprit literally gave a hint to Gary, and took Gary a few moments before realizing that the culprit was right in front of him. And later, Jae-suk hyung and Suk-jin hyung were taken out consecutively.

The funniest circumstances was Kwang-soo's. Apparently, some of the hints seemed to point at him. And he is also naturally suspiciously sneaky. Ji-hoon found a tape with the length of 2 meters, and secret message with the word 'man', and furthermore, Yeon-seo found a picture with a hidden music instrument in it which was a violin. All of this hints does seems to point out to Kwang-soo, the 'Lunatic Violinist'. Yeon-soo grabbed Kwang-soo to which he escaped and ran while screaming his innocence.

It was kind of weird that hint seemed to point at Kwang-soo, because Ji-hoon and Yeon-soo brought those hints to him, and yet he didn't take the opportunity to take them both out. Yeon-soo decided to give it more thought, while Ji-hoon seemed really confident that Kwang-soo was the culprit. He reported about Kwang-soo as the culprit, but it turns out to be wrong. So Ji-hoon got taken out of the competition for false report. And no long after that, Haha was taken out too. Leaving only Kwang-soo, Jong-kook, and Yeon-soo to remain.

So who was the culprit? You see, Ji-hyo did those detective shits and all, and got quite a solid hint. The culprit have a word 'Kim' in his name. And there were only 2 'Kim' among the musicians. She should have told other musicians about this and it could add even more suspense atmosphere as they piece the puzzles together. Instead, she went directly to one of the 'Kim', like the hint was't enough as to serve as warning, probably she wanted to negotiate something as usual. And that was the end of it. Well.. good riddance. What a waste of effort.

Back to the surviving musicians, Yeon-soo almost unraveled the identity of the culprit, she had a strong feeling that it was really Kim Jong-kook. The hint was 'a man', 'tall', and the 'violin'. The violin however have close resemblance to a cello, which an instrument that Jong-kook was playing. Unfortunately, Jong-kook was already on the move. He was looking for Kwang-soo actually, but met Yeon-soo instead. And the mystery turned into a thriller.

The final hint that Yeon-soo got was a script and Jong-kook took it from her. He proceeded to explain about the script with the word 'Jong' meshed into the writing, like his name Kim 'Jong'-kook. And Yeon-soo blood ran cold.

At the same time, Kwang-soo was working hard looking for hints, and he had yet heard about Yeon-soo. It was hard for him to suspect his own hyung, Jong-kook. But he found a picture with odd arrangement of stars, and try to play some notes according to the stars position. The tune came out similar with a song, about hero of the mountains. The Tiger. Kwang-soo quickly ran to the telephone to make his report about the culprit. While on his way, his name echoed throughout the hallway, as his beloved hyung was calling for him.

In the end, Kwang-soo won the mystery/ thriller case and the Music Concours as the last standing musician. It was explained about the music genius Jong-kook's past that held grudges against other music geniuses, and also how he made elaborate trap to take out Eun-ji from the competition.

Kwang-soo managed to make the report about Jong-kook being the culprit, although it was a very close call. After being suspected all the time, turns out he was innocent after all. Yeon-soo was happy probably because she did said earlier that 'the least likely culprit is usually the culprit'.

I think this episode is one of the rare occurrence where Kwang-soo and Jong-kook raced against each other. And by that, I mean its unusual for Kwang-soo to remain all the way to the end, let alone faced Jong-kook, and survived.


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