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[TV Series] RM Episode 217

Is there something different about this episode? I can't really put a finger to it, but this episode was really hilarious, full of fun. The guests were Jo Jin-woong, Kim Sung-kyun, and Oh Sang-jin. The teams were divided into two, Upper Village Gang and Lower Village Gang. Jae-suk hyung and Haha joined in the Upper Village team along with the three guests, while the rest of Running Man comprised of the Lower Village team.

I supposed I should take Suk-jin hyung's word for it, that actors sometimes really good at bluffing. All three of the guests are actors, And they seemed to quickly immersed into their character as soon as the greetings began. And along the way, the guests adapted finely to the show's format.

The theme for the episode was very simple, Death Bingo Race. Even the small red title on the upper left screen was written 'Death Bingo Race'. But they didn't just play bingo all day long. There were 2 missions that they need to win in order to obtain a 'chance ticket', something that they got to use in the final game, the Death Bingo.

The first mission was Mud Volleyball. Its like beach volleyball, but instead of sand, the court was surrounded with mud. Before this, Jong-kook was really bad with badminton. But this game here is his forte, for it emphasis on arm's strength instead of grace. So this the part where Suk-jin hyung got his role reversed. His good with badminton, but he is terribly bad with this kind of game.

I think it was in this game that the guests started to realize the is more to Running Man than just winning a game. Jin-woong even commented that even though the Upper Village Gang was doing great, somehow he envied the Lower Village Gang for their endless gags. And with that, all three of the guests changed their composure and this episode became one of my favorite.

Anyway, the Upper Village Gang won the volleyball and earned a chance ticket for the final game. There should be another mission, but instead of chance ticket, the loser have to pay for lunch for the winner. It wasn't shown clearly who won the race (because the winner is the one that arrived first), but it was only shown an early part of it where each team need to push their car to the end line to receive their car keys. I have a feeling that Lower Village Gang didn't made it, though it was still amazing to see Jong-kook incredible strength with the background music (BGM) of  "What We need is a Hero" in full effect.

The next game was in a sauna. It was a quiz with the emphasis on men as subject. The one that answered correctly can get out of the sauna, however the winner can also take a chance to bring in opponents that already outside in exchange of his escape. The team that made it out first with all of their member is the total winner for this game.

There were no time limit apparently, but being in the sauna, they limit was pretty much be their own endurance. Lower Village Gang was taking the lead until only Gary and Kwang-soo was left. They stayed a little bit too long and Gary and Kwang-soo were starting to spout nonsense answers. Kwang-soo managed to escape by cheating a little bit, but Jae-suk hyung made him pay by using a chance of bringing him back.

However, Lower Village Gang still hold the lead where Upper Village Gang still have Jae-suk hyung and Sung-kyun inside the sauna against Kwang-soo alone. Kwang-soo managed to make his escape again against Sung-kyun by answered correctly on a question that he is really familiar with. The question was the about woman's hobby that took men interest, and Kwang-soo answered without hesitation at all.

With that, the Lower Village Gang won the second mission and earned a chance ticket. And that bring us to the final game, Death Bingo. The game was an individual race. They need to rip out someone's name tag and crossed their name on the bingo paper. Once they got at least 4 bingo, they need to stand on the prepared stage and shout 'Bingo!' to be the final winner. The chance tickets they all got earlier was used to determine the name's location on the bingo paper.

The name on the bingo paper was written by the player themselves, so.. its every person for themselves. The funniest tag-ripping was Jae-suk hyung, where he was 'betrayed' by Kwang-soo. Technically, Kwang-soo was paying back in kind. Jae-suk hyung did forced him back into the sauna earlier. And also his bingo paper was just happened to be where he need to take out Jae-suk hyung.

The funniest guy was Sung-kyun. The guy was totally changed in the bingo game. While everyone was focused looking for Jong-kook, and bad mouthing Kwang-soo while they at it, none of them noticed the change in Sung-kyun's gaze. When they confronted Jong-kook and tried to allied together to take out the 'traitorous' Kwang-soo, Sung-kyun attempted on Gary and Ji-hyo,

Unfortunately he failed his attempt on Gary, but he managed to take out Ji-hyo. Personally, I was kind of irritated that she ratted out Kwang-soo like that. The other two guest thought it was Jong-kook's doing on taking out Jae-suk, and the suspense was peaked, except it dissipated with her rallying everyone to take out Kwang-soo instead. In the end, they tried to negotiate with Jong-kook, their very first target. Frankly I was entertained with what Kwang-soo and Sung-kyun did. It was the right thing to do.

Because it was actually literally unfair for them to gang up on Jong-kook like that, even if Jong-kook have the reputation of being incredibly strong. Not to mentioned there can be only one winner, so 'betrayal' was inevitable. Even Jong-kook burst into laughter, because he knew they were all initially grouped together to jump on him.

In the end, what left was a few people that understood the gravity of the situation. After Jin-woong was taken by Jong-kook, Sung-kyun was next on the list. Kwang-soo, Gary, and Sung-kyun can take out Jong-kook for full 4 bingo effect, but that ship have long sailed. Kwang-soo couldn't take out Gary and vice versa because it won't give them bingo, so Sung-kyun had became a weak link.

Unfortunately, Jong-kook was also waiting for Sung-kyun to be taken out, and was confident that someone will take him out because the other three always move in group. Someone is bound to take out Sung-kyun, and Jong-kook decided to wait out near the bingo platform  

And he guessed right, Kwang-soo and Gary worked together to take out Sung-kyun and obtained full 4 bingo. Both of them quickly raced toward the bingo platform with Kwang-soo taking the lead, but Jong-kook was already there. The final winner was Jong-kook, and he got a small golden bingo board as his prize. Its been a while since Jong-kook won a race in this show.

The show closed with the Running Man commented on their guests passionate hard work. It was quite amazing, really. And they didn't seem to complained about not winning. I supposed they did earned their airtime for working hard and being entertaining throughout the show. Oh Sang-jin with his vigor, Jin-woong with his charisma, and Sung-kyun with his wits. I wonder if they would come again in Running Man...


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