Monday, February 8, 2010

New Phone in da Town. Ora~it

Nokia W901i

Oh yeah, W901i is what I'm talking about. Yeah.. not exactly the top-notch phone but it does fulfill my needs. It got quite nice camera with 2.0 megapixel and it could zoom up to 2.5x, ya ya I know there is better phone out there with megapixel of over 10 and could zoom zillion more times. But I don't think I'm gonna pay extra expensive just to get features I don't actually going to utilize. For me.. this one is quite adequate.
Not just the camera, but like any Sony Ericsson phone, this phone boast its speaker and walkman capabilities. Oh yeah, and it can play radio too. So practically with this phone I got a phone, a camera, a walkman and a radio. Did I mentioned it could be used as data storage transfer device. So yeah, a thumbdrive as well. Haha
My phone is in black colour, just like in the picture. Nice eh. I was given choice between black, white, red, and rainbow colour. Black colour look the coolest. Oh yeah~ I mean look at the silver lining on the phone. It fit the best with black colour. Oh.. you guys may not be able to see the silver lining because with its on the phone side.
In my previous post I mentioned about my old phone Nokia 6330. I didn't trade the phone because it still in good condition. I gave it to my sister as her secondary phone. yeah, girls LOVE to have multiple phone number especially different SMC. I spend about RM630 on the W901i and I still think its a good deal. I mean I got 5 in 1 kinda phone for Rm600+. When my dad bought the Nokia 6330, it was like RM800+, in its prime time of course..
I've been using this phone about a year now.. Hope the phone will last against the time. I know new phones keeps on coming every month. But thank God and my relentless effort trying to compare the best phone in market I haven't seen new phone that have something newer than my 5 in 1 phone. Haha


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