Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Series Part 3

Its been a while since I wrote about the Horus Heresy, given my enthusiasm of collecting them. But I did manage to get the collection up to date. The latest book that I manage to get my hand on, is the book of A Thousand Sons. Yea-yea, I know that the latest publication of Horus Heresy in 2011 is the book of Prospero Burns. But what can I say, I got A Thousand Sons first after Prospero Burns... Anyway, before I get to those 2 latest books.. Here is some of the series that I have read.

Finally, I got myself on the first series of the Horus Heresy. Took me for a while.. From now on I'm gonna write about this series based on their release order. 
Horus Rising is the first book of the Horus Heresy Series. As the tittle suggested it, this book is about the early part of the Horus Heresy, waaayyy before it began. The story takes place on the point of view from one of Horus's captain, called Garviel Loken. He was part of the Mournival, Horus's advisory council. Therefore.. He have the closest look on the changes happened on the Warmaster Horus and in the Luna Wolves Legion.

I'm not gonna spoil the detail on the book's story, but enough said that it explained a lot about the Luna Wolves Legion, provided that after the heresy, they become a Traitor Legion and then not much is known afterward. The book also revealed the Legion's experience when they encountered the False Emperor on planet Sixty-Three Nineteen and their first interaction with the Interex. Both of this encounters are important, well at least in my opinion, because they both were kinda technologically advanced compared to the Imperium.. given the fact that they both, are human faction, and they are about to get wiped out. 

Also, this is the part where Horus started to lost his hold when the Emperor choose to retire from the Great Crusade and went back to Terra. Apparently he admired how the Emperor managed to.. you know unified the entire Earth and forge a solid alliance with Mars Mechanicum and Jupiter shipyards, without totally killing everyone. Horus wanted to do the same with the Interex but.. 

The Flight of the Eisenstein  the fourth book in the Series. As you all could guess, they book here tells about something that can fly.. like.. I dunno, a starship?! Yeah, the Eisenstein is a Light Frigate that was attached to the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet by the Warmaster Horus. This time here, the book takes a point of view from another character named Nathaniel Garro, Battle-Captain of the 7th Company from the Death Guard Legion.
The story here is that Captain Garro was about to witness the Warmaster Horus betrayal. But little that he knows that he was included in that betrayal. The Warmaster knew that Garro is loyal to the Emperor, but sending him down to the planet would instill suspicion because supposedly he was kinda injured and unfit for battle. So he was assigned to that little frigate and get assassinated one way or another, because that frigate was to be rigged to explode. But Garro managed to foil the plan, and escaped with it. However, he did not escaped without damage. He was stranded in the warp until he was saved by the Imperial Fists Legion.

When that is not enough, Captain Garro tried to warn the Imperium of the Warmaster Horus betrayal, but only to get trashed by the Imperial Fists's primarch, Rogal Dorn. Rogal couldn't believe that his brother, Horus, would betray the Emperor, but later he had too.. The evidences piled up against the Warmaster were simply staggering. Enough to say that this book covers the story of Captain Garro onboard the Eisenstein. He in fact, face the first Plague Marines, and experienced first hand the prowess of a Marine turned Traitor. Plague Marines are so resilience they wouldn't even die in non-atmospheric area.

Well, that is all for now. These 2 books are not the only one I had finished reading. I would love to share more other stories.. But to tell the truth, there are just too much to tell. Seriously, the Warhammer 40k universe are huge.. and I, just couldn't get enough of them. I mean,  stories involving a bolter and a chainsword? Its like reading Star Wars book but only gorier.  Stormtroopers in Star Wars just scream like pussies when they got burned with a lasers, this one, people got sliced in halves.



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