Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tera Online: The Guilded Age of Spellbounded Dragon

New age cometh. No more solo pleb gameplay, where everyone derped and hurt each other in the torrent of miserable jajajaja. All will submit, to the penultimate of MMO, where everyone either play together, or suffers alone.

The Guilded Age is the newly revamped guild system in Tera. With it, a new lore was introduced. The story took place after the Island of Dawn was stuck with catastrophe where the World Tree on that island was blasted by unknown force. The island turned into a burning wreck of a wasteland, and the destruction inflicted many casualties on the Valkyon Federation expedition forces stationed there.

Further investigations revealed that the rivalry between the guilds within the Alliances have escalated. To the point where one or more factions in the Alliance was suspected trying to harness the World Tree mysterious powers in order to gain an edge from one another, but ended up with a disastrous result.

The Valkyon Federation perceived this as a terrible betrayal perpetrated by the guilds, and had the Alliances disbanded. No more snorting on noctenium infusion powder and getting high, for all the guilds. This have caused some of the bigger guilds to take advantage and wrest control from the Alliance former influence over the capital of Valkyon Federation, now that seat of power is empty.

Guilds now can be leveled up by completing quests that involves fighting the hardest fights all across Tera, or harvest resources nodes. As the guilds gain levels, the point received can be used to upgrade guild's skill, which are perks that grant the guild's members benefits such as extra endurance, power, critical hit, and many more.

Anarchy swept over all of Velika, capital city of Valkyon Federation. The guilds are at each others' throat. Civil Unrest consumes the people, and the flame of war burns anew.

Meanwhile, in the pursuit of technological advancement, either by the voracious need to fuel the Valkyon Federation many wars, or simply by the passion of the scholars to further the betterment of the people, a new mount was tamed and introduced into the masses.

Dragons. Originally rode by the Kaiator's defenders to travel back and forth between cities and settlements in the conflict-ridden area of the Northern Shara, during the Argon war. Now the dragon not only can be ridden by the Kaiator's armed forces, but also by the former Argon war veterans and common mercenaries that now owed allegiance to no one.

Fastest mount on the ground and air, anyone who own this mount will also receive a passive skill of Dragon Master, which grants chance to increase crit power against monsters. Royal version of this dragon mount grant even more powerful passive skill of Draconis Rex that also increase the movement speed of the owner and his party members within 30 meters. These extra perks have made these flame-breathing flying lizards the most sought mounts in all of Tera.

Now with the Alliance is disbanded, the guilds are left alone to fend for themselves. We can't let rival guilds to gain an edge on us now, can we? Everybody wants to rule the world.


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