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Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Series Part 5

Right, another 2 books from the Horus Heresy Series. Whats next? Another story about the Imperial Space Marine Legions? Nope, it is not. This time the stories take a huge spin around the story of the Horus Heresy. Well, they still related anyway. Only this time.. Its about the events happening beside the Isstvan Massacre during the Heresy..

The eighth novel from the Horus Heresy Series, Battle for the Abyss, covers the story from a distance place away from the clashing Loyal Legion and Traitor Legion. In this story, another element of the Traitor moved against the Loyal Legion foothold.

What makes the story interesting was that the very element comes from Solar system itself. Yes, that is right. Battle for the Abyss is actually a story about the pursuit of a very large starship called, Furious Abyss. The ship was not only huge, but also equipped with the latest prototype weaponry such as plasma lance batteries and psionic charges. In other word, other Imperial ships doesn't have those. Furious Abyss was also one of it kind. Right after its construction was finished, the shipyard was destroyed thus leaving its existence in secrecy and its design template unknown to anyone.

Furious Abyss was not en-route to Isstvan system to provide help for the Traitor Legion. Instead, the ship was heading towards Ultramar, the realm of the Ultramarines Legion. Specifically, the ship was going for a planet named Calth, where the bulk of the Ultramarines Legion. Because the Ultramarines Legion did not participate in the battle of Isstvan system, prompting the Warmaster Horus to initiate the pre-emptive strike against the Ultramarines Legion. Because you know.. such as unmolested forces could be a pain in the ass when the Warmaster started to siege the Earth.

But no, apparently a ship that size couldn't just sail itself silently towards Calth now could it? A detachment of Ultramarines, World Eater, Space Wolves and Thousand Sons detected the ship, and went pursuing it. Because of these Space Marines detachment were away from their parents Legion, they have no idea what have already unraveled in the Isstvan system. So they pursue the ship, trying to figure out what this ship intended for its destination.. and could they stop the ship from unleashing the horrors it holds for the Ultramarines Legion?

Finally, I got my hand on this book. the Mechanicum, the ninth book in Horus Heresy Series. Now this book here cover a story a little bit closer to Earth, where war started to reach the Mars. Anyone who follows the Warhammer 40K universe would know that Mechanicus and the Imperium exist as an allied twin empires. Mechanicus agreed to be united with the Imperium but they still retained their sovereignty and independence.

Anyway, the books cover about the battle between sect of Mechanicus that loyal to the Imperium, and the Dark Mechanicus that pledge themselves to the Warmaster Horus. Mostly the story did not involves about the Space Marines but, in the end they kind of did. This is due to the reason that the Imperial Fists Legion was actually stationed on Earth to build a palace/ fortress for the Emperor. The Imperial Fists Legion even gave warning to the Mechanicus to quell the rebellion on their planet, or the Legion would do it for them!

I was interested with this novel because of several things. From the synopsis that I have read about this book, there several interesting points that were brought up. First was the Akashic Reader, a device that was invented by Adept Koriel Zeth, Mistress of the Magma City. Apparently, the device allows the user to tap into the Warp or Immaterium and access all the lost or hidden knowledges there. Another interesting point was the creation of Kaban Machine, an artificial intelligence that was supposed to be banned by the Imperium. The machine was created nonetheless and cause havoc across the planet. But the one that interest me the most, was the story about the Dragon of Mars. It is said that the Dragon of Mars are actually a xeno entity that excells in technology. The xeno is weak physically but whispers the promise of technological advancement to lure his followers. It is said that this xeno is the same entity that the Mechanicus are based on.

But, who knows.. I'm not gonna spoil the story. Just for the heads up, this book have the most action about the the Titans, the humongous war machines. In fact, it covers the stories on Titans against Titans when the Mechanicus clashed with their darker side.



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