Sunday, March 18, 2012

My favourite TV series

Obviously, everyone's favourite would be 'The Running Man' TV show.

Right before that.. probably How I Met Your Mother'. I dunno. But mine was the 'Scrubs' That show was hilarious. I stopped watching it at season 7 or 8.. I think.. when the hospital changed into an medical education institute.

But one of my favourite of all time, is the 'Two and a Half Men'. That TV show is the best. I LOVES Charlie Sheen a.k.a Charlie Harper. He's fun to watch, and although he's the icon of bad attitudes, but still.. he's the kind of people that helps you to cherish life.

Too bad Charlie no longer in the show in season 9. He 'died' right after season 8. Actually the show was getting REALLY weird in about season 4 or something. But when Charlie is gone.. its totally the looney house. I couldn't bear watching another pathetic life of Allen Harper. That guy is just a total stone cold bummer.

Even when Charlie was still around, Allen ALWAYS condemning his older brother on his lifestyle and told him about establishing human relationship instead exchanging bodily fluids.. But that guy keep on living off his older brother for the entire seasons! He sleeps, eat, and poop in his brother's beach house, but in every episodes he keeps commenting on his brother lack of morality.

Well, that was fun to watch, seeing the two brothers bickering with each other. But that was not what makes the TV show becomes weird. It was the part when Allen started to become 'sexually active' and at certain point mentioned that he is a man and have needs. That he would need Charlie not to be around when he's bringing the women home..

To tell the truth.. the latest season of the TV show finally pulled the final straw.. I always thought that Allen Harper would die at some point in the show. And Charlie would keep it up with his idiotic nephew. But no... Charlie have to go, and when in the new season Allen was about to bring his girlfriend to the house and asking Walden for permission to bring over a guest (Where Walden said, "I thought YOU the overnight guest..'), I turned off the TV and said, "Enough is enough..".

In my opinion, the show just took a bad turn. You know.. even if nobody should die in the show, I always thought Allen would at least changed HIS lifestyle and be more.. delightful. And lose his cheapness. That guy is so cheap, I think he brings more bad influence to his son than the uncle Charlie.

Damn.. What am I doing.. rambling again.. What can I do.. My favourite TV show is killing me with its nonsense script writing. It doesn't make any sense, especially when somewhere in the episode Allen did mention that, "How could someone keep up living with a person that driving them crazy? Unless they are related, of course.."

But now.. Allen and Walden.. 
Its not driving Allen crazy, or making Walden crazy, but it sure does making those watching the show to be crazy!


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