Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Come Back Home

After so long... well, my last entry was last year in August.. Finally I had the time to get back to my blog. I had so much plan, so much ideas to pour into this blog. Making game reviews, book synopsis, and even some tutorials that I might know.
But I'm so occupied, with the day-to-day activities.. busy as a bee.. or something. And now, I'm back.
I does know where to begin at all.. What should I write now? What is happening is now? The current news? THE news?

So lets get back a little, take a deep breathe.. and let me start for the top..

First, Happy New Year. Yeah, I know its already in the middle of the second month, but Chinese New Year was not on 1st January either so.. screw you. Its still 2012 either way and no patch of ground is cracking in halves like in the  movie. So happy, and a new year for you.

Second, the world globalization have taken a new direction this year. Megaupload have been shut down by the FBI, making all the other file sharing sites to review back their affiliate programme and their term and conditions. Most of them have terminated their affiliate programme other than rigorously search and terminating accounts that suspected for sharing illegal contents. 

Well.. that's it for file sharing industry.. Instead of going for further enlightenment where knowledge are free to share and available everywhere at any time.. The world have digress where the poor remain ignorants and the rich reaps it all..

Have your heard about the incident? Where a KFC worker bitch-slap a customer. Sounds terrible huh? It sure does.. it happened in I-City KFC. There are videos about it all over the internet, uploaded in Youtube. First, the issue was that the worker shouted vulgar words and whack the customer where the customer demand that the KFC management to apologize for making him waited for over an hour only to find out that the chickens was not unavailable.. well not yet prepared, in the process of cooking, but the customer have to wait for a little bit more..

It turns out that the customer have actually provoked the worker with insults when he was told that he need to wait further. What even more sad is that the customer have no intention of.. you know, buying a whole bucket of chicken at all, nope.. he just wanted to exchange some vouchers that he got off the internet. I cannot believe that causes the customer to demand for apology and insulting the workers. I mean.. it just a stupid voucher, and there are more other KFC around the place that could have more fried chicken prepared in their inventories. Anyway it didn't end well, where the workers lost their tempers and start ganging up on the insolent customer..

You know what they say.. never mess up in the place where you're getting your snack, or you might get whacked! I disagree with the workers' action, but I'm totally blaming the customer. Way to go for ruining everyone's dinner. Now the next customer might get a spit or two on their chicken.. Stupid guy.. He should have gone home and his cook his own fried chicken.

Well, that is all for now. I haven't got the time to read any of my favourite sci-fi novels, I don't even have time to search and buy the new series. But it will come to that, eventually.

I did play some games, a lot of bad-ass games this year. Skyrim, Space Marines, Batman: Arkham City and more. I can't wait to get my hand on the most waited game of all time, well I think it is.. Diablo 3. Talk about waiting for almost 4 years. Yeah.. first announced in 2008. Then again Starcraft 2 also have a looooooong release date. Even when it was released it, it was only one part out of three. Hurmm...  


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