Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm officially.. an android user.

No.. dont say I'm an androidfag or any other jargon associated with that. That.. does not sound right at all. I mean, I'm an android user, a casual one at that.

Yes.. a casual android user. I now casually use android apps. I'm not hating Apple or Iphone, but... you know what, screw them. Iphone sucks. Each variant of Iphone or Ipad is actually the same one with an extra function.

It's like.. an Iphone without camera, the another comes with a camera, the next one can do bluetooth, and the other would have extra vagina. I mean come one.. when you go for Iphone, you actually need other variant of Iphone to complete the entire functionality of a proper smartphone.

Research shows that android users are mostly cheapskate. Well, that is only half true. The other half is that android platform is customizable and tweakable. Is tweakable a word? Never mind that... It show that android users are mostly skilled, smart, and capable. We pay for the thing that is beyond our skills, like an entirely new apps, or  the work of art that simply cannot be replicate. Otherwise, some of the apps will be hacked while the platform will be flashed and rooted.

An android user would be customizing his own gadget, while an Iphone user would be paying someone else to customize it for her. Money for value, man.. we are not cheapskate. We just not paying for something that is already free. Who in the right mind would buy a phone and then have to pay some more for the apps? Its like buying a car and then have to pay some more for the gas pedal or gear box. That is just insane.

Right now I'm using Blogger apps for android. A little bit sticky for my taste.. apparenty I couldn't properly arrange uploaded picture for my post. But hey, at least the apps is free, and I'm willing to pay for a better apps next time around.


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