Monday, June 24, 2013

My interest and intention.

After doing some checking on all my blog, I found that 3 out of 5 of my blogs was shut down due to some violation of term and services.. or something. About copyright law I think. I might or might not have uploaded and posted some MP3s and videos, but it was for reviewing. Because if I put on only the lyric, then no word could actually describe exactly how the song goes. Should I just wrote 'Dum, Da dum, dum dum..' or something like that so anyone who read my review would magically know how the song goes? Maybe I should just do that.

Before this I would just uploaded the music with the lyric in a form of video up on Youtube. But Youtube have also become very strict about specific music and would either delete the video or ban the account. Luckily, they just remove my videos. I still got the account. But.. without the music to accompany with the lyric, then what the point? Aargh.. screw it. I was young back then, and have a lot of time with me. Now I could n't even do a funny photoshop picture without having a 'writer's block'.

Hence, what brought me here. I was thinking that  perhaps I should spend time to write more, to sharpen this dull mind of mine. I used to read sci-fi novel, specifically the Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy series. But, I did read a lot of other novels. Science fiction is just my preference. And Warhammer 40k novels is the most bloodiest novel ever without the need of a little bit description of a woman anatomical shape. When you got the Spess Mehrin, everything else better be Orks eviscerated by chainswords or something else blown up by a bolter round.

But nowadays, I kind of no longer collect hard cover books and novels. I actually download them. I bought them of course, but instead of opting for a hard cover book posted to my front door, I just choose to download it in a form of an e-book. There is also audio book that can be downloaded, which is pretty convenient because in a case of I'm too tired to read, the audio book could just read it for me. Until I fall asleep. Haha. Not to mention that the e-book is much more cheaper because of, you know, minus hard cover and postage fee.

Seeing that this blog still survive, even though there are a few of book reviews, that is not considered infringing copyright law is it? I decided to continue blogging. Review a few books, creating tutorial and what not.

At least I would be writing. I should be writing. My mind could go rust, and my memory could fade in the mist of time..
Its decided..


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