Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Movie] R.I.P.D

R.I.P.D or Rest In Peace Department is one of the movie that I just watched the other day. I must admit the trailers were really enticing and piqued my interest, but well, if you have watched the movie then you know that its kind of a bit of a disappointment.

But yeah, I did watched them. Probably because of Jeff Bridges white-southern-marshal's sexy accent. And it was really sexy. Rey Reynold was not bad as well. But if both main casts are not that bad, then what went wrong with this movie? Like all other movie that have great actors in it, no matter how good the actor is, sometimes the movie just.. you know, sucks.

Click on read more if you wanted to know more, because I don't to spoil anyone's movie experience and whatnot, and also, I'm entitled to my own opinion. Just because I said the movie is bad, doesn't mean you won't like it though.

Ok, so click read more, if you wanted to know what makes me feel disappointed in this movie. I'm telling you right now, its not exactly a big reason. But in a way, it did ruin my entire expectation, and my expectation, is not that high.

To you who have watched the movie R.I.P.D trailer from Youtube, congratulations, you just watched the movie. That's right. The trailer is what ruining the whole movie. Apparently, when I watched the movie in the cinema, I couldn't help feeling that I'm watching the longer version of the trailer. Everything goes just as in the trailer, as in I've already know the entire plot. The guy's dead, recruited into the R.I.P.D, went on his first mission against a dead'o in the apartment, fall from the apartment through the window, also fight the fatass in the suits, had a car chase with the dead'o hanging by the moving car, a fatass dead'o got shot in the ass, also a wormhole appeared to spit out the dead back to the world of the living. Its uncanny, compared with what had been revealed in the trailer.

There are no suspense, no new insight, nothing out of expectation, at all. And I cannot express it more than I already had, I have a reeaaally low expectation. In fact, I was expecting that movie would be at least entertaining. And so I did entertained with Jeff Bridges act a dead southern marshal, also his character name is 'Roy Pulsipher', where Nick Walker (Rey Reynold) says that the name sounded like an 'STD', which it actually does.

But then again, there were only dry jokes here and there, and there isn't really something else going on like.. what the 'fuckery' is going on when most of the events happened in broad daylight. Like the part where the dead'o coalition were trying to reverse the path of afterlife back to world of the living, its was in the noon. As in when everyone was sitting around in cafe drinking coffee or latte, and then that cafe got ripped to shreds when the wormhole tore right through all of those buildings and parking lots..

But the salt to the wound, would be the trailer. It was the biggest and the most irresponsible thing to do when you include every fine and fun point of the film all in the trailers, and all that was left to see was some random conversation between the two R.I.P.D officers.. which you already know where it headed. So yeah, entertainment ruined, thank you very much.

But I still gonna buy a DVD of it. The movie is a good choice for movie marathon, and I'm gonna put it along with my movie collections. It just that.. I feel like, it was really a waste to go and watch it in the cinema.. its like watching Sesame Streets TV series in the cinema. Fun, but not exactly worth it to sit in a hall with a huge screen..


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