Friday, August 30, 2013

[Movie] Now You See Me

Now You See Me is 2013 movie, this year movie that I was waiting for. To tell you the truth, it was not half bad. It have everything, well almost, what I hoped for. If you have seen the trailer, then you'll know that it a story about street magicians working together to make it big.

So what is so great about this movie? Well, they manage to rob a bank in Paris, while doing a show in Las Vegas. And also, technically they didn't commit the crime, but one of their audience. How did they do that? Is magic real? Or just a sleight of hands and illusions? Well, the closer you look, the less you would see.

So they say. Click on read more to read on the movie's spoiler. Don't worry, I won't expose too much. Its magic anyway, so how does one explain that specifically.

The movie started with each of the magician performing their own act. There are 4 magician and each have their own skills. Combined together, and they morphed into.. 'Captain Planet!'. Nah, I'm just pulling your legs. Actually their new band of magicians is called 'The Four Horsemen'. Which is much more cooler sounded that the Captain Planet.

The movie is arranged in an erratic show of events, probably trying to bedazzled the audiences into something familiar with the concept of magic: Distraction. So you might feel a little bit disorientated with the movie flow where they start from the end, then to the beginning, to the middle, and all ends well. Something like that. The movie pulled a twist, something really unexpected at the end. Even after all of 'The Four Horsemen' was actually debunk and revealed throughout the movie. The final trick was completely unexpected.

 The first member of 'The Four Horsemen' is Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) who hold the tarot card of 'The Lover'. It represent desire and impulses, basically mean he is a control freak and an asshole. But it works, he loves showing off and he pays attention to tiny details which makes him a great asset to the team.

His greatest skills is.. he talks too much. Probably for distracting people by pulling out fancy words right from his ass. But he is good. He manage to attract crowds attention to him. He can change the direction of the conversations and he can cause his audiences (victims?) to lower their guard and let their tongue loose.
Next, we have the escape artist, Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher) who hold the card of 'The High Priestess'. It represent common sense and intuition, which is right, because she is NOT the distraction in the whole shenanigan. That's right. Her special skill is that she could be the only female member of the whole group to, you know, bring balance. Like common sense. Okay, maybe she did provide some sexual tension around and do some intuition screaming, but yeah, I didn't get any skills from her worth mentioning. Oh yeah, she did managed to escape from an aquarium filled with piranhas, so that is something right?
Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) is like the young guy who pestered the veterans in every other group. His young, ambitious, eager to prove himself, and hold the tarot card of 'The Death'. It could represent, well, death.. but also represent rebirth which means the end of cycle and the beginning of anew. Basically it means 'grow up a pair' and it fits perfectly for this character, where he need to mature and man-up. His skills is quite awesome really, he is really good with cards and dexterous. He also good in imitating voices which he used to urmm.. escape from police.

Finally, Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) who holds the tarot card of 'The Hermit'. It represent introspection and deep understanding, which are nice qualities that makes him one of my favorite character. His skills as a mentalist, allows him to read his opponent, audience (victim?) based on their body languages and responses. He also could hypnotize people through multiple technique, allowing the group to stage perfect performances and maintain secrecy. He actually hypnotize the selected audiences with special keyword to avoid the police force from interrogate those who have been on stage voluntarily. I like his skills because it allow him to read the atmosphere in conversations, which is good in avoiding conflict. When conflict is inevitable, he can always hypnotize his opponents. The most useful member of the group.

So, there you have it. The four member of the magician group. The story starts with some weird beginning where the magicians suddenly banded together and rise through fame with their unorthodox methods (magicians usually do not work together but they do have assistants or helpers). It started with them robbing a bank using a volunteer from the audiences. The crime scene is so far apart from the magic show, the police couldn't nab them without any hard evidence. The only connection they have in the crime scene is the signature signed by the volunteer on a card, which is found within the inside of the vault.

Pretty mind boggling isn't? Well, Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman, fucking yeah) as the Debunker will unravel all of their secrets. Along with Agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo, the Hulk!) who keeps on trailing the group and peels off their secret bit by bit by staying a step behind the group.

What will happen next? Will the Hulk- I'm sorry, Agent Dylan Rhodes ever get to unravel their mysterious techniques? Or is it true that perhaps, in some unseen way, magic indeed exist. The answer to that, is yes. There might be some magic involves. The true question is, why? What is motive behind all this magickery? Surely robbing millions just to give it all to the audience is not what the group wanted to achieve, right? There must reasons behind all this, dammit.


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