Friday, November 22, 2013

[Movie] The Internship

The Internship is a 2013 comedy film. I actually waited for this movie to come out, too bad it didn't in the cinema near my place. So I ended up buying it from the internet. Usually I would watch the movie in the cinema first before buying them. But it doesn't matter, really, its Vince Vaughn' movie. I have his collection for my movie marathon.

I was intrigued at first when I watched its trailer off from Youtube. But then, when to movie came out, I heard it got a really bad review. Oh, too bad. They said it was some sort of a corporate-recruitment video disguised as comedy film.

Truth is? It is. But then again? Its Vince-fucking-Vaughn's movie. Who cares, so long as Vaughn is in it. That all I care about. I enjoyed Old School, Starsky & Hutch, Dodgeball, and many more.

So the true question is that, was the movie good? Yes it was. The thing is, the movie indeed about Google recruitment program. And it does seems like its a Google advert. But, the word 'disguise' here also rings true. Vaughn indeed successfully turned this job advertisement into a 2 hours-long comedy movie.

The duo,  oh yes Owen Wilson is back, not as the Wedding Crashers dynamic duo, but as a lifetime working partner where both of them got unexpected fired or let go under the circumstances that their sales company folded without them knowing.

So both of them, Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson), had to find another job. Problem is, they had become salesman for so long, and both didn't exactly go to college, so thing gets a bit stickier for them.

But they were desperate, they will do anything, and yes, they cheat on their resume. I'm not sure whether that is actually allowed to, or even condone, but yeah I've seen people doing it. Not me though. I didn't do that. Ehem, back to the film. They got a chance, an interview, an online interview through the webcam. The interviewer ask them about their resume, and they manage to tip toe (ok fine, they bullshit their way out) through the subjects and making a final remark that make a very fine impressions. Turns out the results of the interview is affected by a Layover Test.

So they GOT IT! They got in. Good thing they didn't check that resume close enough, right? Which is weird because its Google, a search engine company that put information at the tips of mankind's finger. But, screw that, its all depends on the Layover Test, whatever that test was.

Its not like they got the job, right? Its only an internship. Days still not over, dude. Because its about to get real, AFTER they got to the Google headquarter. Now here is the interesting stuff. The movie took some opportunities to show the workplace on Google. And I must admit it was quite, awesome. They got napping zone, where you can nap. The food is good, the place to eat is even great.

And of course they rides bicycles everywhere. They even prepared it for staffs to use around the office area (more like campus area).

So, it that all. It all about Google? No, you silly goose. Its more than that. Its about life lesson. Like those from the.. emm, Dodgeball movie. You know the five D right? Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

You gotta do all that 5D just to, you know, get the job. Secure that job. Whatever it takes.

OK you know what, I'm going to be honest here. This movie is funny, and good at lifting spirits for those who, you know, are or still looking for employment. Newly grads or, newly canned, people like that. So this movie is a comedy movie, you CANNOT do what they did in there. You can't cheat your resume, if they found out you can get fired and loose you pension, man. Some company actually kept you working until the very end, and then fired you so they don't have to pay compensation for retirement, stuff like that. Its very, very dangerous. And also, being late and throwing free pizza to everyone doesn't make things better. You must understand some of this people are very serious especially when it about securing a place for a, job.

But their interview were good though. I have been to many interviews, and truth to be told, when they call you for interview, the interviewer don't actually look at your resume because they already know it. They don't need you to recite the resume back to them. What they want to see, is you confidence, and how can you convince them, that you really need the job.

This movie deserve to be in my psych-up movie mix. Just so I could lift my spirit when I feel my job is killing me.


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