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Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Part 10

I was actually waiting for this novel, then turns out.. didn't exactly as I expected. Well, the book was promoted to be about Roboute Guilliman, the primarch of the Ultramarine Legion. So yeah, you can see why I was excited before I got the book.

This is the ninetieth novel from the Horus Heresy series. The place setting for this novel would be, well, as you expect during the Horus Heresy the Ultramarine Legion was mustering near planet Calth. I thought of more about the Ultramarine Legion's primarch would be written, but the novel were in sort of combat detail or someting. More like a battle report.

Not much about Roboute, other than his planning for planet Calth. Apparently, the reason why Calth was being the point of muster was because Roboute intended that Calth to be crown jewel of the Ultramar 500 worlds for military and technology, while Macragge becomes the seat of power and administration. Pretty much like his father, the Emperor, twin empire relationship where Terra was the seat of governance and Mars becomes the technology center.

But that was, NOT to be. When Lorgar's legion.. oh how much I hate that legion, comes out from the immaterium and start to blast everything to pieces. One thing that boggles me though, in the previous novel called 'Battle for the Abyss', didn't Lorgar's behemoth of a battleship called Furious Abyss ALREADY attacked Calth? It failed thought, but a ship that size exploded on one planet's orbit should have put the whole Ultramarine Legion in full alert state. However for some reason unknown, the Ultramarine Legion remain dumbfounded of what is fuckery going on around them (which is weird when Roboute is known for his 'meticulous' analyzing stuff).

And for Lorgar's legion.. they can get really irritatingly stupid. Their behemoth of a battleship 'Furious Abyss' got screwed over before even get to fired a single salvo, their invading fleet was broken, the invading ground forces got routed (even with the help of warp spawns, cultist, and fanatics), and still they think they won and believe it so because Erebus manage to kill the urmm.. planet's sun? Its like.. 'Yay we manage to taint the Calth. This planet is no longer inhabitable, and bla bla bla', Who gives a shit! The Ultramar 500 worlds still stand, Macragge still stands, Ultramarine Legion still stand! The only reason the Ultramarine couldn't get to Terra in time was BECAUSE of the raging warpstorm that literally split the galaxy in half, where Terra is on one side and Ultramar was on the other. So technically.. Word Bearer Legion is stupid.

Sorry for my outburst. The thing is, ever since I read the 'First Heretic' novel that was all about the Word Bearer Legion, I kind of hate them for their stupidity. Holy communion with the warp, what a laughable notion. 

Next novel, we got the twentieth book called 'The Primarchs'. Now this book is about the primarches, yes, primarches. Because the content of the book was divided to four stories and even more primarches. It cover about Fulgrim, Ferrus Manus, Lion el'Jonson, and Alpharius Omegon.
Of all 4 stories, I like the  part on Lion el'Jonson. The rest were like, random shit I think. The story on Fulgrim is about how he finally got his body back from that stupid demon, truth to be told I think he is the second weakest primarch right after Lorgar. Easily manipulated and easy to sway. Even Lorgar pretty much hate him. 'Holy communion, is what is suppose to be, not possession!' he said. What a moron.. What do you two idiots think that the warp wants? LOL

On Ferrus Manus story, ugh.. its about some battle on some random planet against eldar, and, Ferrus found that the Imperial Guard army attached to his legion were to slow to keep up with his Space Marines. And then his own Space Marines were.. bedazzled by the eldar's magick, infuriating him even more. Truth to be told, I have no idea what is his problem. Its an army, you can't have every part of the army to move the same way. That would be wanting a airplane to dive underwater or submarine to climb mountain.

Alpharius story.. oh I can't tell you anything because its too confusing. Like some twist end plot or something. But weirder. Alpharius wanted his men to infiltrate a station, which belongs to the Alpha Legion, his own Legion. I don't even.. I don't even know what the fuckery happened.

But yes, the Lion's story, is pretty much make more sense than the other 3. Lion's Dark Angel Legion were engaging the Night Lord Legion in Thramas sector and found out that some ships from the Death Guard Legion in within the vicinity, specifically the Perditus planet. Lion suddenly remembered the nature of that planet and quickly rushed to that place with a minimal element of his fleet. Of course he still have the Night Lord Legion fleet to contend with. Heading there as fast as possible, the technology that was developed, or researched, or founded there apparently hold a bit of what would happened to Lion in the aftermath of war. Its some sort of warp dimensional teleportation device where the device could instantaneously transport anyone or anything to anywhere. The device could also separate the the room with different dimension, which is in exact nature how Lion el'Jonson would disappear later in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy.

Well. that is all for now.


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