Friday, January 17, 2014

[Movie] The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is the 2013, biographical dark comedy film starred by Leonardo DiCaprio. This film was directed by Martin Scorsese, now if you not familiar with his name then you probably not a fan of great movies. He is the director for Mean Streets, Goodfella, The Aviator- wait you don't know those movies? What about The Departed and Shutter Island? Where do you live, in a cave?

Never mind that, lets get back to the one that I wanted to write about, The Wolf of Wall Street. Frankly speaking, the movie is somewhere around being mediocre and sucks, is it possible to be both? No, I have to choose one? The middle between those two then.

The thing is that, this movie probably take the same format as Pain & Gain film. Its a biographical film about a stock broker named Jordan Belfort. Now when I said biographical, it means the film is about a real person but the scenes in the film may or may not reflect on true events. Wait a minute, that is pretty much like all the films with a big 'based on true story/ events' stamps on the poster. However, all of those films usually mixed heavily with comedy and satire. Except this movie.

I've watched it from the start all the way to the end and find that this movie is leaning toward porn rather than biographical. Was it softcore or hardcore porn? That's hard to say. The movie includes a lot of scenes consisted almost every sexual intercourse position possib- okay I will not pretend that I know stuff like that, but there so much debauchery, I almost lost track of the main character due to the mixing of human bodies and bodily fluids. Of course with all these debauchery and orgies, the only right thing to do is to add a bit of drugs, right? Right, guys? Wrong. They added the whole lot of drugs, so much drugs that the characters took drugs before they're working, when they go the toilet, during lunch, after work, before getting home and oddly enough even before and after they go to sleep.

The only thing that made this movie watchable, as a normal movie instead of a porn, was because of Leonardo DiCaprio who takes the role of Jordan Belfort, the main character. I must admit his acting is real, almost like he is living the life in the film. It his narration about Jordan Belfort's life, his ambitions and dream, and whatnot that would make you realize that there is more to the story than just the scene where they double-teamed the female sales officer.

There is also Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey in this film. Both are great actors, I love them. But yeah.. Wait, if this film is so bad, then why did I mentioned Martin Scorsese as a great director? That because he is a great director. As I finally managed to watch the whole movie like a slow torture, I could see how Martin Scorsese added a few funny scene here and there, and most of the actors tried as best as they could to make the characters as real as possible. Without them, the movie would be unbearable. This is not the kind of movie that you can watch in cinema. Even if you bought the DVD to watch it by yourself, dude, the cashier is going to give you a weird look. Like, you just pick up a porn with you. And even after that, you can't watch it with you friends, or anyone in the house for that matter. Its going to be weird, with your friends and homies, praising Leonardo DiCaprio "Oh yea, he's a great actor" in the scene where he dry hump the female stewardess on the plane to Switzerland, and the sex scene didn't stop there, in fact there's more, and you started to realize that you companions keeps getting back and forth from your bathroom.

Truth to be told, I have no idea why this movie got such a high rating. It got 8.7 rating in IMDB, 76% of approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and if you saw the awards that this film got, you would be surprised. They won awards in Australia, America and Britain. The funny thing was that this film got a $100 million budget and only scored about $121 million of box office. Its doesn't.. compute.

There were also controversy, about one of the producer, Malaysian Prime Minister's stepson, Riza Aziz. I could've sworn that when I read about him there were statements that he got the fund for the film from his mother. And now that statement is gone, and a totally new descriptions of him filled the Wikipedia page. Almost looks like written by himself. Lol.

Whatever it is, I guess money makes the world go round. I felt bad for Mr. Martin Scorsese. He made so much great movies...


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