Monday, October 20, 2014

[Games] Onigiri Online - Grant Title

Despite being small and childish, Amaterasu have the power to grant you titles for your character. Apparently, that is her only function as NPC. But as companion, she do have passive abilities that will make you weep.

First of all, she have the power of Nigimitama (harmonious soul) where she can enhance your other companion's certain abilities. Second, she have the power of Sakimitama (happy soul) where she can grant some extra status point for you to invest on your character.

So don't you dare go ignoring this little brat, invest some affection gift to increase her affection levels so you can get those extra status points. Not to mention her Nigimitama power will also increase your other companion's ability such as, hmm I don't know, Yoshitsune's grinding ability (its for smelting) maybe? That's important, right?

But other than those passive abilities, Amaterasu can also bestow upon you, a title. Each title is not only unique, but also limited to a number of player that can hold it. As you can see in the screenshot, there is something like 'current successors' thing right there, showing that there is a limit of 350 player that can hold that particular title.

Is having a title useful? Hell yeah, bud. Those title can give you a permanent extra attributes, so long that you hold that title, of course. So make sure you choose a title that would help increase your affinity and preferred attributes for extra awesomeness. All you got to do is increase Amaterasu's affection level, met the requirement to unlock the titles, and pay her a truckload of money. Easy.

You can only hold one title at time, and those titles have a limited number of holders. So don't go overexcited and started taking up titles for fun. You might missed the one that really important. People kills to get those nice and proper title, you know, I have seen it. Seriously. If the number of holders reached its limit, there is nothing you can do other than wait - for a very long time.


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