Monday, October 20, 2014

[Games] Onigiri Online - Liqour and Bottles

Sexy and dangerous, Ibaraki Douji is your one stop shop for a supply of sake. She loves sake too, and her sake is magical in a way that will make you feel invincible against the world.

She is mostly renowned with her sake called Moon King, that will increase your character movement +20 for 60 seconds. Its a must have sake if you wish to go through Sekigahara barren of a blasted wasteland.

Increasing her affection level would unlock more type sake and bottles. Oh, yes. You'll need the bottles as well. Apparently, you can only stock up sake in bottles, and from that bottle there would be a number of servings that determine how many you can drink those sake.

Other than affection level, she also accept something called 'order form' that you'll get either from NPC's quest or monster drop. Those 'order forms' would unlock new type of sake and bottle.

When you first bought your sake, you'll probably stock up on sake that would heal your HP or SP. But as you progress further through the game, Moon King will be very essential for your survival. Having a plus 20 movement speed means you can outrun dungeon bosses from being kicked in the gonad. But that is your choice.

Because early in the game, you can only have one bottle of sake at a time. Means you can only have one type of sake filled in that bottle. If you clumsily tried to fill in different type of sake, you might end up regretting it (like I did) because it will overwrite the previous sake that you had filled before. Ehem, those sake cost money you know. Its like pouring a fine vintage down in the drain. So make sure to choose well which sake you want to bring into a dungeon.

Though you might want to go easy on those liquor because if you drink too much, you might catch drunkenness. Actually, wait- did we ever got drunk drinking those liquor, you guys? Because I think I use a lot of Moon King and Long Life. Not to mention in Aramitama, I used a lot of Emperor's Cloth and Seven Sisters as well. What does drunkenness do anyway?? Well, I'll leave it to you all to err.. test on that. But I'm pretty sure its a bad idea to be drunk when Nyarlethotep tried to stick her huge tentacles up your backside.

For some reason, I cannot capture the picture of the bottles. They just don't appear whenever I pressed the F12 or Printscreen button. Well, never mind that. Let's talk about the liquor bottle.

Liquor bottle is very important. When you first get Ibaraki in you group, you get to hold one bottle of liquor a time. But as you increased Ibaraki's level of affection, you'll get to hold more that one bottle. Max is 3 bottle, but as you can see in the screenshot, I've unlocked up to 2 bottles.

Each liquor bottle can hold several serving of cups. For example here, Summer Camelia bottle can serve up to 6 cups, meaning if I filled it with Seven Sisters sake, I can drink it up to 6 times. Unfortunately, even if you have unlocked 2 slot for liquor bottle, you can't use the same bottle at the same time. Meaning I can only hold one bottle of Summer Camelia and hold another bottle of Decanter. But both bottles can be filled with different type of sake.

You can unlock new bottle as you improve Ibaraki's level of affection. But you can also unlock new bottles through 'order form' from monster drops. Be sure to check with Ibaraki (she said something along the line like 'is that a new bottle order' when you interact with her) whether you just got your self a new sake, a new bottle, or something entirely different.

Yeah, apparently, in English version of this game, there is a lot of issues of missing info and descriptions. You'll probably won't even realized that you just got yourself some super rare recipe so be sure to check up with her regularly before you dumped a load of trashes to Miroku's shitty shop.


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