Monday, July 20, 2015

Tera Online : Gunner and Brawler

First of all, I apologize for the ugly picture above. This year, TERA Online are introducing 2 new classes to improve the gaming experience for their beloved players. It have been 3-4 years since this MMORPG have been released and TERA is one of those online games that took drastic changes from subscription P2P (pay-to-play) to freemium F2P (free-to-play). With the introduction of the new classes, clearly TERA is nowhere being slowly declining.

The new classes, called Arcane Gunner, had already been released on the 5th of May in 2015. Now the release date of this new classes differ from region to region. Obviously, TERA in Korea (or simply called KTera) receive their update and patches faster than everyone else. I'm playing NA (North America) version of TERA (or known as NATera), so in my subsequent post on TERA would based on that version

Oh, yes. I have chosen to write about this game, because I'm totally hooked with it. Beautiful graphic scenery, action-packed, and the picture that I pasted above doesn't even do a smidgen of justice on how this game actually really looked like inside. But don't worry, I'll work on that on the next post.

It just that when you in the game killing monsters, you can't help but concentrating on fighting and by the time its all over, you'll realize that you totally forgot to capture that moment where you beat the crap of that monster. But even if you do remember, there are not enough fingers on your hand to spare to click on the screenshot button on your keyboard.

But that ok, for now, I just wanted to share my excitement about these new classes. Getting the hype out there. Both Gunner (also known as Arcane Engineer) and the Brawler class have been released back in KTera. Currently there a no definite estimated time of release for Brawler class in NA Tera, even the class name is not definite yet. But the class role have been identified (someone took a peek at KTera of course) where Brawler is going to be a new hybrid class of tank and damage dealer.

There are a lot of speculation and concerns about this. Because, well, Gunner and Brawler are not the first newly introduced class in the game. Before this, there was another class called Reaper, and after its launch it was abundantly clear that Reaper class was locked to only one type of race, which was Elin. And also, you needed at least a character at level 40 in order to create the new class Reaper.

When Gunner was released, it was not only locked to certain races which was High Elf and Castanic, but also locked to only female gender. Good thing Gunner doesn't need you to have a level 40 character just to unlock it. Its probably because Gunner was released the same time as TERA went on Steam, so the new class can be enjoyed by the expected surge of new players coming in.

From what have been observed in KTera, it appears that the Brawler class would be locked only to female Human. Which apparently upsets the NA Tera gamer community right now. Everyone was expecting that the new class, if ever comes out, would be really awesome if it is available to the male gender of any race.

The reason for this was because of an NPC called Rhodos, who appears throughout the endgame content, fighting with his fist. This lead the TERA gamer community to believe that its possible that a new pure fist-fighting melee class can be made because the character model have already existed in-game.

Well, they thought right, partially. The new class is indeed coming out, but Rhodos would remain to be the only male Brawler ever existed. Lucky guy.


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