Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slay Belles coming out this Christmas

Hopefully. Otherwise I will never hear the end of it. But be mindful that this is an indie-low-budget film that probably won't even appear in cinemas near you, and mostly likely if not ultimately go straight to DVD. Do not worry, for Spooky Dan, the film director, have taken a fair measure of ways to ensure any interested movie-goer will have access to the film. You guys can pre-order the film.

The movie is not fake.. its just, work in progress.
This time the Spooky Dan himself appeared in the promotional trailer, stating his intention of finishing the film and also explaining the release delay. Probably his film inadvertently linked to someone that we all thought have gone missing and worried about. Not to mentioned there were persistent rumors that the film is fake, well, technically it still haven't been released ergo it actually cannot be considered already exist.

But it was still in production. This time for real. Not just in trailer and poster, there is also the official website for it. So it means the film can be considered partially exist? Spooky Dan explained that the film was lacking in budget to finish up, so he initiated a crowdfunding through IndieGoGo several months ago. Though the crowdfunding campaign have already ended, you can still donate or pre-order the film's Blu-Ray copy from the website.

The campaign only managed to raise half the amount needed, but seeing from the estimated of delivery of goodies for those that donated, seems like November this year would be the time around where the film would be officially released.

The film is about Christmas vacation went bad. Three smoking hot sexy ladies went to a small and remote holiday theme park called Santa Land. The ladies are, Alexi (Kristina Kleba), Dahlia (Susan Slaughter), and Sadie (Hannah Minx). Unknown to them, Santa is not the only one giving out freebies for Christmas. Krampus (counterpart of Santa Claus) also prowls in the area.

Will the three sexy damsels escape from Krampus's evil clutches? Well, it depends. Because Santa only help those who have been nice for the year. So are they nice girls, or bad bitches? The only way to find out, is to see it for yourself then.

Spooky Dan categorized this film as Christmas horror comedy film. I for one, are in it for the comedy. There are such horror films you know. Like The Cabin in the Woods, or The Evil Dead. Hopefully, it would be hilariously gory instead of horrifyingly boring.

Santa have a gift for them three, alright. A big one.
Now, for full closure. Let's be honest, some of you wanted to know about Hannah Minx. Will she ever return back to her Youtube channel? Why she have been silent all this time? Well, let's face it. If Hannah is now getting more job offers, chances are she won't be able to be as active as before in her channel.

There are a lots of rumor about her channel being taken over by someone else called Roya Butler. Others said that she's already married and have a kid now. With a rich guy named Lasse Osterhagen. So now she's Hannah Wagner no more, but Hannah Osterhagen. There are also several pictures in the internet, from Twitter and Facebook, congratulating Hannah on her wedding, along with supposedly her father's Facebook post, also expressing his happiness for his daughter.

So there you go, Hannah is fine. She's not really missing. Either she's patiently working to go mainstream in the entertainment industry, or she's retiring and going to be a full-time housewife. At any rate, Hannah really is in this film. You can see her in the trailer, Spooky Dan also confirmed her involvement, and above all else, she looks great.

Who knows, maybe Spooky Dan would bring Hannah back for his next film. If this film took off well, I guess.


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