Monday, August 24, 2015

[Movie] 'Kingsman' might be better than Bond

Do you like James Bond's movie? Or maybe British spy equipped with fancy super secret hi-tech equipment, that sort of film? Then you'll love Kingsman: The Secret Service. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, the very same person who directed Kick-Ass, so expect the movie to be kickass awesome. Though I wouldn't recommend it for family fun movie viewing with kids, because its a bit gory.

The movie starts with a super secret mission, performed by a group of super secret agents, somewhere in super secret place in the Middle East. Mission went well, 2 full agent accompanied by 2 in training. But one of the agents in training died, so the one that didn't become a full secret agent. Ok, so maybe the mission didn't go as well as they hoped to be then. However, someone had to deal with dead guy, so Harry Hart (Colin Firth), code-named as Galahad, went over to the dead guy's house and met his widow.

Nothing happened, don't worry. Galahad didn't touch the widow. But he did gave her a Medal of Valor for the services rendered by her dead husband, telling her that the medal would allow her to ask some sort favor from the err.. super secret organization, if she ever needed one. She rejected the medal, obviously, not wanting to take some ambiguous favors from super secret organization that she's not familiar with, unless of course, they can bring back her dead husband to life.

Well, they can't, so Galahad gave the medal to the son, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Alex Nikolov / Taron Egerton), as a token of remembrance for his dead father. Eggsy kept the medal till he all grown up, never used the medal to ask for a favor. Until he was apprehended by the cop for stealing a car. Well, he have to, he's too beautiful to do time in the cell.

Luckily for him, Lancelot from the super secret organization had just killed in failed rescue mission. And Galahad saw this as opportunity to induct Eggsy in the super secret organization called, the Kingsman. An independent international intelligence agency, with Arthurian theme adopted for the sake of identity prospect, I think.

As you would have guessed, the organization is lead by Chester King (Michael Caine) code named Arthur. While Eggsy and several other candidates was trained by Merlin (Mark Strong). The training was harsh, intense, life-threatening, and then some more.

Meanwhile, Galahad took it for himself to investigate the cause of death of Lancelot. It lead him to a genius internet billionaire philanthropist named Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson). It was also around this time that strings of mysterious disappearance of famous and notable people occurring throughout the world. Galahad felt that there is a connection between the two, as the killing of Lancelot and the mysterious disappearance cases were perpetrated by unknown group even to the Kingsman.

Turns out, Galahad instinct was right on the spot. Well sort of. He managed to find the connection when he was almost killed when he tried to interrogate Prof. Arnold, a man who Lancelot tried to rescue in the first place but failed. Prof. Arnold's head exploded, almost killed Galahad, but Galahad managed to capture the signal that triggered Prof. Arnold's head explosion and that signal was traced back to Valentine Corporation.

It was revealed that Valentine is planning to 'heal planet Earth' by culling the human population using super hi-tech doomsday stuff. People die, less pollution, planet saved. Valentine's logic. With him, his sidekick wearing bladed-prosthetic-legs called Gazelle (Sofia Boutella), approached every VIP existed on the planet to persuade and save, well, important people, from the planned doomsday. Those who against his plan, was abducted and kept in a super secret bunker, where Valentine kept persuading them to agree with his logic.

Galahad tried to infiltrate Valentine's place, disguised as Mr. DeVere, without knowing that Valentine was actually already into him. As a billionaire, Valentine knows a lots of people, and hold a massive influence through his network of businesses. But he couldn't quite figure out exactly who was Lancelot working for, until he met with Galahad during a private dinner. Tracing back from where 'Mr.DeVere' comes from, Valentine managed to approach the Kingsman.

Without Galahad knowing, of course. As he continue investigating, he got caught in one of Valentine's experimental doomsday device. He managed to survived, alone, but confronted by Valentine when he tried to escape to safety. Valentine told him that his device will make people become super aggressive to the point that they will kill each other.

Valentine wanted to tell Galahad about his plan, but too bad that this is not that kind of movie, where the futuristic colorful megalomaniac villain would explain his absurd and convoluted plan to the gentleman spy while allowing him to come up with equally convoluted plan to thwart the villain. So Valentine shot Galahad straight in the face, killing him.

Back to Eggsy, he failed the final test to be a secret agent. But after Galahad died, so another spot opens up. Eggsy witnessed Galahad's murder through Galahad's laptop connected to Galahad's spectacles. So he went straight to the Kingsman's HQ and met with Arthur, hoping that he could avenged Galahad. But instead, Arthur tried to persuade him, to join the new world order.

Oh oh, seems like Valentine had done more than just approached the Kingsman. He have persuaded them, well some of them. Merlin have no idea that the Kingsman have been compromised by Valentine, and so does Lancelot. Oh yeah, Lancelot spot have been filled by another trainee, Roxanne "Roxy" Morton (Sophie Cookson), who was in the same batch as Eggsy.

So all three of them, have to work together before Valentine can initiate the doomsday. Will they succeed? Is this that kind of spy movie? Well, all I can tell is that in the end, Eggsy gets to do a damsel in distress up her arse, as a reward for saving the world, of course. Nope, I'm not kidding. That was really the ending.

Ok, maybe not the end, end. After the buttsex, Eggsy gets to be the new Galahad. So the world was saved, damsel in distress got anally pleasured, everyone is happy. Its a happy ending. Except for the old Galahad/ Harry Hart, he's dead. Shot by Valentine, in the face.


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