Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[Movie] 'Warcraft', reboot maybe?

One of the most anticipated movie in 2016. Why oh why, must you re-write something that was already successfully written? Don't get me wrong, the movie was still good. But somewhat detached. So in a way, it was a disappointment.

Jeez, the orcs need a new place to live.
Particularly if you a long time fan of the Warcraft franchise. Everything was so good, the movie should be great. But it wasn't. To be honest, I was excited when I first watched it. I saw some differences here and there and I thought, hey, its not that they can re-create everything as per the novel or game. So I just let it go, because I can feel in my gut, the movie is gonna be epic.

My gut was wrong.

The movie took place on the beginning of the First War. Or something. I don't know at this point. Some people say that this movie was a canon, spin-off, or could be an entirely different alternate universe. But I don't think it a reboot though, because that would affect A LOT of the Warcraft's original lore.

Hey, this place looks good.
I won't list every single one of the differences from the movie compared to the original lore, obviously. As I said, we can't get our hope too high and expect the movie producers to re-create every tiny little details. But there are some super huge variances here that just, frigging pisses me off.

Number one, is obviously, Orgrim Doomhammer. I was quite shocked that he was portrayed to be from the Frostwolves clan. He was supposed to be a warrior from the Blackrocks clan and one of the trusted lieutenant to his clan chief, Blackhand. All the while being best friend of Durotan from the Frostwolves.

In the lore, he was the one that supposed to kill Blackhand, and took over the Blackrocks clan along with the whole Horde, in order to free the orcs from the Shadow Council and Gul'dan. But in the movie, Orgrim betrayed Durotan and took over the Frostwolves clan, which lead to their massacre. Also, he didn't get to murder that muppet, Blackhand.

This guy is a major plot element in the lore. His legacy is everywhere within the lore. He is one of the most celebrated, both respected and feared champion of the Horde. No one that follows the Warcraft franchise doesn't know about this guy. Thrall will later on, named the orc new capital as Orgrimmar. Thrall will also wield Orgrim's hammer called the Doomhammer, along with the half-plate armor. And there would be a flying battleship that is named Orgrim's Hammer.

But in the movie, this guy was reduced to be Durotan's clansmate, playing 'senpai plis notice me' bullshit with Durotan. I mean, what the fuck? Not to mention he blatantly went against Gul'dan when he sided with his 'senpai' Durotan, to challenge the warlock in Mak'gora (honor duel). Now, how the hell he suppose to continue to remain in the Horde, let alone took over it??

Humans: No way in hell we gonna give you Orcs our nice place!
Whatever, lets get to the second one. Another character, Anduin Lothar. Guess what happened to this guy. Well, he have a son, apparently. In the movie. Probably 16 or 18 years old, maybe. That's usually how old they are, when they came out of nowhere. Lothar doesn't have a son in the lore.

This guy is also another influential character in the Warcraft lore. He's the most celebrated human hero in the Alliance. He was noted to be the last line of a certain important bloodline. But in the movie, it was so awkward when I got to the scene where he cried for his son's death. Even his screaming cry of anguish just frigging pisses me off. What the fuck happened?

I mean, seriously, what the fuck happened? He also get to kill Blackhand. Apparently Blackhand killed his son. So he get to avenge his son's death. Which pisses me off even more, and the so-epic duel between Lothar and Blackhand was also one the movie's own huge fucking plot hole.

Blackhand was dead, Medivh was dead, everyone else might as well just pack up and go home. I mean, that's it isn't it? The whole goddamn war was over. The Horde didn't even get to the part where they lay siege on the Stormwind city. Who else gonna lead the Horde? How the Horde gonna open the portal again, now that Medivh is dead as a doornail? Isn't Gul'dan supposed to mindfuck Medivh's brain for more infernal magick knowledge?

Ah, fuck it. They might as well just re-write the whole goddamn thing.

Orcs: Fuck you humans, gib us all your nice stuff!!
Honestly, my rants could go on endlessly. I tried to understand the reasons behind the changes, but as I get closer to the movie's ending, it got worse. I felt like the movie was more of a huge debut for actors and actresses than an actual movie adaption of the Warcraft novels, games, or any part of the franchise. 

Not that I have issues with them actors and actresses having a breakthrough in their career. But why didn't they stick to the original characters? It was already awesome as it is!

The whole movie plot was so detached from the lore, they should just put the title as Warcraft: We Think This Is How The Story Goes, But We Not Really Sure.

The movie was not entirely bad of course. If you never followed the Warcraft lore, then you will definitely enjoy the movie. But I highly doubt that you would start playing the game, or read the franchise's novel series, after watching the movie.

Trust me, just stick to the movie. Its better that way.


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