Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Ol' Phone : Nokia 6630

Now, here is picture of myself. Well, not exactly my face there. But today I wanted to show, my handphone. This phone was bought by my father a year ago. Well, my own phone was bought 4 years ago. 4 years ago I used a model called Nokia 3220. Not so cool huh.. 2 years later then I make a switch-aroo with my father, and there you go. My new phone, Nokia 6630. The phone actually used by my sister first. Then, when my sister bought a new phone for herself, she gave me this one. Its not exactly a bad phone. Considering all the features held by this phone, I'd say its almost average-function type of phone.

It got large screen, with 1.3 megapixel camera at the back. Along with it, is 64mb RS-MMC, where there already internal memory of 10mb. Which is useful for transferring, storing data. I used my handphone, to store vid clip, and musics to keep myself amused. Haha.. Its also enable me to install quite alot of games to keep me occupied while waiting for something. While its memory got lots of unused space, it can record a video up to 1 hour lenght. But I doubt anyone would use it to record anything.. 1.3 megapixel is not exactly spells crystal clear pictures.

Did I mentioned that this phone is also equipped with Bluetooth and Infrared connectivity? Infrared is not something common nowaday but Bluetooth is a must when it comes to sharing pictures and audio files. For audio, this phone use Real Player apps. It supports *.mp3, *.3gp, *.mpeg, *.rm and *.aac types of file.

The only downside of this phone compared to my ol' Nokia 3220 is that it doesn't features built-in radio. Yeah, my ol' Nokia 3220 can play the radio which really good to keep me updated for new news or listened to new musics. But then again, with blurred captured picture and inability to transfer data using bluetooth, I think Nokia 6630 pretty much beat the ol' 3220 in term of usability .

Well, I'll be darned. Got my self a new phone and its such a blissful life.
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