Friday, May 14, 2010

A Peace of my Mind

Apparently, I had this issue where I found some people are so arrogant, they forgot their place. Whats with their arrogance you asked? Of course they have high scores in academic, have a lot of "friends" I might add, but does that really put you above everyone else? Does that gives you the right to call other people, "stupid"? Not that the word is so offensive, sometimes it is even used to joke around with our friends in good ol' times. But being labeled as to it? Yes, it is kinda offensive.

I have tolerate with many kinds of people, with many type of attitudes, but never before I tolerated with someone because of someone else. I know, I can take care of myself. But to take care of myself AND someone else, is a different thing.

The issue I had here, is that I met certain people, arrogant bastard who think that they THAT good, they can make decisions for other people. Of course there is this thing called "Leap of Faith", the act of believing in or accepting something intangible or without empirical evidence, with literally means that until you try it out yourselves, you'll never know the results. But to do such thing, one must be willingly to do so. WHY??

Because the end result of it , good or bad, will be held as the burden to oneself and to oneself only. You cannot just, force people to make decisions with the results that YOU want. Unless we are talking about guinea pigs, of course. But here, I'm talking about people which is humans. Humans with sound minds, rational thinking.

I think these people, who are forced to make the so-great "Leap of Faith" can think for themselves. When to do thing, and how to do it. Not trying to say that it is without good intentions, but out of all people, the arrogant people, its kinda hard to think that they try to impose this leap with any good intentions at all.

The game is set and ruled out by themselves. Arrogantly they said, if you can dish it out then you can take it back. But why is it when the time for them to take it back, what they have dish out, they make a puppy face for a sympathy. That is not right, we should just punch them in the eyes. Make it bruise, black-eyed if we must, to show them their place. To show them, that it is just as hurtful as everyone else.

But.. this is me, rambling about my mixed feeling. Sad and furious, because I find it hard to tolerate such people, even if I tried. The more I keep it quiet, the more they talk about it. How do I know they talk about me? I just received a message, one particular message, that called me and my girlfriend a "name". The "name" that is exclusively used among our friends, a joke or something to laugh about, I might say. But it got out, to someone whom I barely know. 

(I think I met that person only once. Huh.. bummer.)

By that time, I already can see the extend of how far have these people, arrogantly parading the stories of other people's life, where they themselves got none. I don't know, I assume. I mean why do this arrogant snob talks about me again?

Heh, I know I know. The world doesn't revolve around me.

Well, thats enough.  This is only, a "Peace" of my mind.

True Story,



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