Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walk of Shame...

Today, I got my test result for one of my subject.
To my surprises, I failed. Usually I wouldn't blame the lecturers or the people around me. But this time.. This time its different.

The truth is that, when I did the test, I'm pretty sure that I did it all right. But I did left one question out because I missed reading about it. But all other questions? I wrote down the answers confidently. I wrote down everything that I could possibly remember from the chapters. And wrote them down good.

But when the results come out, and the paper were returned back to me.. I was shocked.
I got 1 mark for every single paragraph that I wrote. I put down the points, and I elaborated it as much as possible. I'm pretty sure I could had 3 marks for introduction, elaboration and closing.. for every paragraph that I wrote.

I might had a fight with this particular lecturer before. Probably because she kinda talk behind my back for no apparent reasons, and it got to some point that she said things like, "I heard that you.."  this and that, which I have no idea where the she heard of it but its kinda awkward and private. 
Do you know that she said that she couldn't believe that I slept at home and didn't come to class because I was sick? I asked her back that, what did she expect I would be doing if I was sick? Going to play football? Duh.. not to mention I did had the MCs, and she said its inadequate proof. MCs literally means Medical Certificate. Its a f***king CERTIFICATES!
I learned it later that this particular lecturer LOVES gossiping about the students. And it didn't surprised me to hear that many students weren't actually favoring this lecturer.

I really don't know what to do, it is a very bad thing to do.. pointing up fingers to blame others. Usually, I just accepted the nature of other people, not like I could help it. But then again, I had tried my best. My very best, really. 

All I wanted to do is having a normal, quiet life. Of course we can not shut other people mouth from talking about us. But it shouldn't be that way. I'd say, this means lack of professionalism, and integrity.

So called, lights of the life candles burned themselves up for the good of others, this one burned up every good things and pretty much everything around it.
What goes around comes around, and I'd hoped she got exactly what she deserved. Nothing less from it.

This time I'm gonna make it all work out, all by myself if I must.

This is what we define as LIFE.


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