Wednesday, October 26, 2016

[Movie] I can see you, 'Ant-Man'

I been meaning to write about this film, released on 2015, but there were a lot of superhero movies out there. And because there were going to be sequels and crossover between the superheros' screens and whatnot, so I thought I wait until it's all out there.

Ooh, it all out there now.
The story began with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) smashed a face of a high ranking agent from S.H.I.E.L.D for talking shit about his tragically deceased wife. Also, he was super angry because S.H.I.E.L.D tried to steal his research. The discovery of Pym Particles gave Hank access to the size alteration technology. Hank believed that his discovery could cause a tremendous damage if it fell to the wrong hand.

He resigned from the S.H.I.E.L.D and tried his best to seal the very discovery and technology that made him Ant-Man. Wait, the story already ended? I thought it was just starting. Well, there is a new Ant-Man. Not out of nowhere, but scouted by Hank himself. He already discovered the Pym Particles, so its only a matter of time before someone else discovered it too.

Is it just me, or most supervillains are genius baldy?
Particularly, by his assistant. Well, former assistant. Darren Cross (Corey Stoll), somehow found out about the Ant-Man and its relation to Hank Pym. He also have been researching the Pym Particles, but unable to fully harness its potential as he experimentation with living subjects always end up failed terribly. All the living subjects turned into a mush of blood and meat.

Hank's fear intensified as Darren intend to weaponize the Pym Particles. For boasting purposes, Darren invited Hank to his showcase for the new invention, the Yellowjacket. Though Hank secretly knew that Darren have yet to be able to alter the size of a living creature. Therefore the Yellowjacket was just nothing more that a suit that nobody can wear, yet.

Pym Particles is not the only thing Hank discovered, by the way. 
Time was running out. Keeping watch on Darren was Hank's own daughter, Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly). Hope originally sided with Darren because her dad was unapproachable and an asshole. But as Darren getting closer to unlock the secret of the Pym Particles, it became apparent that deep down Darren was emotionally and mentally unstable. So Hope secretly work with her dad to make sure that Darren doesn't get to weaponize the technology.

Meanwhile, Hank needed a new person to be the Ant-Man. He chose Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), which in a way, upset Hope a little bit. She wanted to be daddy's little girl forever. Jeez, I think both Hope and Darren have a daddy issue. They both were literally desperate and craving for Hank's attention.

Anyway, its done, Hank chose Scott. Scott have certain values that Hank believed that will make him a perfect candidate to be the new Ant-Man. He is not emotionally unstable and definitely doesn't have daddy issue. So Hank trained Scott, with the help of Hope too, to quickly adapt to the use of the Ant-Man suit.

Time to die, my competitor.
Meanwhile, Darren finally managed to uncover the secret of resizing a living object using the Pym Particles, after countless brutal experiments of course. But he was super obsessed with the Ant-Man thing, so he quickly put it on his Yellowjacket suit, and began the weapon unveiling ceremony and sale deal to whomever interested. Guess who came by, oh that's right, the Hydra.

And Hank was invited too, because Darren wanted to make him proud. Maybe. Ok, not really. Darren knew that Hank will try to sabotage his Yellowjacket suit project at some point, given that Hank have been very secretive and super defensive when it comes to the research and application of the Pym Particles.

So Darren prepared to capture both Hank and the new Ant-Man, Scott Lang. So how did end up? Well, lets just say between Ant-man and Yellowjacket, only one can be left alive. And the one left alive, gets to join the Avengers.

The plot ending was obviously super predictable, but I assure you, they still made it epic with the deadly match between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket. Hands down, one of the best film in 2015.


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