Saturday, January 8, 2011

[Movie] Ultramarines - Dissappointment much?

Well, what can I say.. I must confess that I'm a bit disappointed with the newly released Warhammer 40k movie called Ultramarines.. First of all.. I did not expect the movie to be.. quite bland. I dunno, there is a lot of blood spilled and stuff but after playing the Dawn of War II or even the Dark Crusade games.. I found the movie is a bit wanting.. Seriously I think the cinematic of the Warhammer games that I keep watching whether ingame or in Youtube are far better than this movie.

That is on the point of the movie graphic of course. The surrounding view, effect nonetheless is great, but the characters were a bit.. different. I don't know whether it is just me or I find the characters are not as I expected. I think the characters in Dawn of War II is far more convincing than in this movie. I mean, those guys really have broad shoulders and stern faces. But in this movie, I pretty sure the squad captain and the apothecaries looked like senile old men..

And the effect.. I dunno, I still favor the cinematic of Dawn of War II. The Space Marines however seems to be portrayed like normal soldiers, I mean there is one scene where the marines panting for air while climbing a set of stairs..Seriously? I thought they have like 3 lungs and 2 hearts pumping super-oxygenated blood in their veins.. 

Well, seriously I dunno.. maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I thought too highly of the movie, it is their first release anyway.. First of many to come, who knows.. Anyway here is the screenshot of the movie I took.. for a DVD that cost me $25.99.. For one instance there, I kinda regret it and think I should save it for the next expansion of  Dawn of War II, Retributions..

For some reason, I think I've seen the character's model somewhere in Youtube.. made by one of the Warhammer 40k fan.. could it be possible?


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