Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Biome

Call me crazy, but when I was checking my mail the other day, I found this article about a car concept made by Mercedes-Benz. Its not some typical car concept with the sedan body structure. Its totally different and totally futuristic. Well, too futuristic if you ask me.


This is the picture taken from 2010 LA Auto show. Ok, from what I read in the Yahoo news, there was some pretty wicked cars being displayed there. Some of them promote fuel efficiency, battery-powered engines and even a system consist of series of cameras to reduce collision probabilities. But there is nothing more wicked than the Mercedes-Benz Biome.

Well, the car is not actually in the market yet. But hey, its called car concept for a reason, yes? The car concepts is put on display for you know, attract investors and stuff. But Mercedes-Benz Biome attracts me more. You see, there is more to that futuristic-slick-looking car. Its not the car body that make it stand out than the rest. Because if a driver is looking for an elegant and sporty-looking car, try the Mazda Shinari car concept. But for Mercedes-Benz Biome its the inside that make it looks awesome.



The car is said to have a symbiosis system, with nature. The concept is that, the car will collect energy from the sun and store it into a fluid-like chemical bonds, called BioNectar4534. Now, I wouldn't pretend that I know this kind of stuff. But this could only mean a few things. Its eco-friendly, a new renewable energy sources, no fuel price hikes and no more gas station stop (except loo stop). Isn't that sound revolutionary? Not only it will revolutionize the auto-car industry but also the energy industry!

Another feature from the symbiosis system is the material it used. Its called BioFibre, lighter than metal but stronger than steel when matured. Did I said matured? Yeah, you guessed it. The material is grown in Mercedes-Benz Nursery using a proprietary DNA. And another thing, this car can be composted after it reached its life span, or you can use it for building materials. Harder than steel, remember?

So basically, it means the car is not only use an alternate source of energy than fossil fuels. It also means the car will not be manufactured in  a traditional factory, but it is grown from.. trees I guess. Take a look at the manufacturing process:


As you can see, there is a seed there. And then it grow and grow, and become a 4 wheel-4 seat-solar powered-car. How awesome is that?! Too awesome that I don't think it would be available at least until the 23th or 24th centuries. Yeah, too bad. It is just a car concept. 

But I'm not saying that this kind of technology is impossible to be explored today. I'm just saying well, we gotta start somewhere. I mean, I have read and seen a lot of crazy stuff but true in the internet. Like the fast-boat made by the Sea Shepherd, mini submarine/ submerged-boat made by Columbian drug lords, and more!

I gotta give credit to the designers who have wild imaginations like this. You know what they say, 'If you think I'm a dreamer, then I'm not the only one'.The designers are Hubert Lee, Christopher Rhoades, Nicolas Garfias, Alan Barrington, Daniel Kim, Benjamin Messmer, and Jack Luttig.

I gotta to say this is one crazy stuff. Ambitious, daring, crazy but not impossible. What worries me is the vehicle power source. Using sun as the source, we might heading into a world of free energy, and that doesn't sit right with the world of capitalism. I'm just saying..



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