Friday, June 10, 2011

Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Series Part 6

Another 2 books from the Horus Heresy series. I was kinda expected that the stories from the Horus Heresy series would revolves around the Emperor of Mankind and his primarches. But.. well, the Imperium is large, the galaxy is large.. the war frontier is large! So basically there are lot of stories that can be concocted from this incredibly huge theater!!

The eleventh book from the Horus Heresy, Fallen Angels! Nope, no.. this novel is not about the Blood Angels Legion. Although I was kinda hope so.I mean, when do we get to know how did Sanguinius get his wings?? Well, never mind. Ok, this book is the sequel for the Descent of Angels, the sixth novel in Horus Heresy series. Apparently, there are lot of things to show here.

The story in this book continues after what happened in the sixth book. Only this time, it features a lot more of their primarch, Lion El'jonson. After getting rid of Luther, Lion's own-once-sworn brother, Lion went on waging war for glory leaving those he displeased with back to Caliban. Well, according to the Warhammer 40k Lexicanum.. Lion El'jonson is the primarch of the Dark Angels Legion, also designated as the First Legion. But because he was found later during the crusade, it made him a bit younger compare to other Legion. Where.. he was suppose to be the older brother among the primarchs.

This kind of sticky situation however, prompt the Lion to aim.. to be the best. Apparently when the Warmaster Horus turned traitor, Lion casually state that, well at least there is a vacancy in the Warmaster post. And it seem he really aim for that, executing the war to gain supports from his other brothers so he would be voted to be the next Warmaster. This however, have not been going unnoticed.

Of course, not to forget.. Luther. The story also covers about the Dark Angels detachment on Caliban. Luther, felt betrayed and left behind, accumulate resentment towards the Lion. What transpired on the planet Caliban did not ease his resentment as he found out that some Terrans have come to Caliban to perform sorcery and sacrificing locals. This does not bode well, and Luther becomes more and more distrust toward the Imperium and the Lion himself, as.. the Lion knew that Caliban indeed tainted with warp powers..

Next is the thirteenth novel from the Horus Heresy series. This one is another book from the Horus Heresy that doesn't revolves around the Space Marines Legion. Nope, this time the story took turn on the events from the most mysterious branch of the Imperium, the Officio Assassinorum. Simply, the assassin guilds. I said guilds, because the branch compromises a few departments. There are 6 departments, and each are specialist on certain field.

This novel takes on the story where the High Lord of Terra become restless while waiting for the Warmaster Horus forces to arrive and attack Earth. Its logical to asssume that Horus WILL attack Earth because that is the centre of the Imperium. So long Earth remains on the hand of the Loyalist, people would think that Horus cause is a lost cause. While Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fist Legion prepare the Earth fortifications, the Officio Assassinorum wished to end the Civil War with one strike. So they assemble all the most brightest agents from each departments, and formed a task force.

Now, in a twisted of an event, apparently from the forces of Horus, and assassin was also dispatched. It was not a task force, but a single entity, probably a warp creature.. that capable of assimilate with any victims, and completely lethal against psyker. The stronger the psyker, the more powerful the assassin would become. This assassin is simply know as the 'Black Pariah'. The Emperor himself, being the most powerful psyker in the galaxy, will definitely be kicked in the ass by this assassin, if they ever met each other. The agent fate, however, intertwined with the Imperial task force.

Both side clashes and bot side suffered total casualties. Meaning no one survived. Rogal Dorn later learn of this operations, quickly uncovered the Officio Assassinorum Grandmasters, and apprehend them for making the war even worse. This one, I could agree. Assassinating a key leader is not exactly going to end a war, entirely. In fact, it will only prolonged to the war to extended period. There would always be others to take the place of a leader. Only a direct confrontation, would solves the conflict between the two factions.

Well, that's all for now. Right now I reading up the latest Horus Heresy book called Age of Darkness.. Too bad I was actually looking forward for the Deliverance as the cover book have already been published..


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