Friday, June 10, 2011

Adinda Evans.. the latest internet Superstar!?!

Adinda Evans or Nadia Elliza or Milano Monstaa, is not exactly a famous internet superstar. She is in fact, notorious. What did she do to gain such notoriety?

 Well, nothing so bad.. but then why people keep on looking for her name in the net? 
What she did, is the worst thing a teenager could have ever done. 
Yup, this is even worst than what Rebecca Black did with her stupid song called 'Friday'.

 For some reason, that only known to her.. she exposed the story to the internet world, that she lost her virginity at the age of 14. Yup, she wrote on her blog, and I believe in the facebook and twitter too, that she, is no longer a virgin. 

You probably thought that, 'Hey, maybe she was raped, she's a victim!'. That what I thought until she said that she did it out of pleasure and her parent are OK with it.. Ok, that's a bummer..

Her blog are no longer exist, probably from constant harassing from religious surfers that tried to advise her on this matter and some possible pedobears that try to push their luck. I don't know, but I guess it was for the best.

Now, I'm not being judgmental and I'm not judging. I'm seriously not. In fact, I'm a bit worried. 
First, what kind of parent that is OK with their child, and I'm not talking about a 30 years old 'child' that living in their own parent's basement, but a minor child, having sex?
Since when did that get out of the window?

Secondly, why would you publish publicly, that you had sex when you 14 years old? Your parent being OK with you having sex early age is one thing, but publishing about in the net? Are they still OK with that? Seriously? I thought only amateur pornstars did that, you know, for the ratings..
I'm worried, because apparently, this could happened to anyone. It could be our own sister, relative or friends. 
This, is what happened when we didn't supervise our young. 
This, is what happened when we want our young to mature so bad, they turned out bad instead of maturing. 
This, is what happened when we abandon our own responsibilities and let our young astray..

I for one, blame the parents.

Nadia Elliza, thought that it is cool 
to reveal that she had sex at young age 
while still wearing training bra. 
Well, its NOT!


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