Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysia is going to block File Hosting servers

The news is out there. Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) have decided to executed a multi-phase plan to block access to file hosting servers. The official letter regarding on this matter have already been released from last month, although it is not until this week that the file hosting servers were blocked.

 Here is the list of addresses what MCMC would demand from the ISPs in Malaysia to block. Within this week, all the available ISPs in Malaysia including Streamyx, Maxis, Celcom, P1Max and more, already complied with the MCMC demand. They going to block the websites by phases, means a few websites at a time. Probably they wanted to asses the 'threat' posed by these websites..
So, to all my fellow Malaysians, don't be surprised if suddenly you are unable to access certain websites even the internet line is working perfectly.

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From what I heard, KRU production with RIM (Recording Industry Associations of Malaysia) are the parties that pushed MCMC to pass the new digital act against file hosting. Their reasons? To protect the digital intellectual copyright from being infringed and to reduce file sharing in the internet. 
Although the reasons seems noble, but.. lets be clear here. There are only a handful of people that support this. And the people that support this act gain the most from it. I mean, come on.. KRU? The only thing file hosting ever done to them promote their products even more.

Its not anyone fault, except for their own, that people refuse to buy their crappy package products. I myself, found that most the record albums produced by them only worth one good song, while others were rubbish. Who would buy the whole album when all they want is a good single music?

Aside from that, the latest blockade implemented by the ISPs show that Malaysia have started to become one the Asian countries that censor their internet content. Something that people would afraid of, because you know.. Malaysia practices democracy and constitutional monarchy. People gets to vote and entitled to the rights of speech but.. with the internet censorship, we can see that Malaysia is moving towards totalitarians.

I'm just saying, other democratic countries also impose internet censorship, like Australia. But their censorship is based on what people want. They ban internet pornography, extremely gore and offensive games, and many more. Hell, they even ban skinny models, because the people there said the flat-chested models would only encourage pedophiles. And of course it would send the wrong images of  being beautiful and healthy.

What is unacceptable here is that the Malaysian government censorship are based on certain group of people. Just because KRU groups and RIM wanted file sharing in the internet to be blocked, doesn't mean it would benefit the Malaysians as a whole. File sharing in the internet is not the major cause of cyber crime such as piracy. In fact, the cause of this piracy comes from huge media corporations themselves. 

How did people get their hand on this digital media in the first place? When new movies are coming out into the cinema, Astro First would bring the cinema to your home, with a price of course. Then with Astro Beyond, users could record the movie of their choosing with the provided HDD 500GB.. and taddah! You just ripped a movie out of a satellite tv, congratulations. 
So who said file hosting servers is the main cause of movie and music piracy? File hosting servers is just one of it many medium. It was the media corporation themselves that provided the platform for the piracy to happen. Even if the file hosting servers are totally blocked, what are stopping the pirated movies and music from being sold and distributed in CD's and DVD's? The main source of the pirated movies and music are not from file hosting servers but by the very console provided by Astro, Malaysia largest media corporation.

What make things even uglier is that KRU and RIM are working together so that MCMC will also block a local entertainment portal called Their reasons are that have become the hub of pirated movies and music. Well, that is only half true, nope.. maybe a quarter true.. but less than half. You see, is not only an entertainment portal, it is also a hub of knowledge sharing. It have hundreds if not thousands of threads that compiles tutorial, tips and information regarding on many fields, including webmastering, automotive, gaming, and many more. It is more of a waste than a gain to actually block a site as resourceful and useful as this one. Not to mentioned that it is in Bahasa Malaysia.

For KRU, if you had take the efforts to make a decent productions, maybe people would care to buy your albums. Besides, your movie Cicakman is sucks.  And for RIM, if you just stop selling CD that mixed with  a single good song with other loads of crap songs, maybe people would bother to buy the artist's whole album and make a collection out of it. But no.. you have to charge more, because of your stupid marketing plan actually cost something.
And to you MCMC, screw you! If file sharing is indeed as bad as you said, why now? And why do it selectively and based on a corporation that seemingly bribed you? Kinda obvious you know..

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