Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reasons Why being Romantic is Overrated

First, watch the video.

Some of you might cried, and smiles later, for the things that transpired in the video.
Yes, it have a very happy ending in there.

But lets get realistic here. There is no way, another guy could top this one.
This is, by far, the most romantic love that could only be happening in fairy tales and in your dreams.
But this guy made it happened.
Now why would I say that this kind of romantic love story is overrated?
There are several reasons:

#1. Its a calculated risk.
As you can see, more than half of people in there were hired to act. Imagine that in that very place, there was a single 'NICE' guy, not hired by anyone, decided to interfere and beat up your face because he thinks you really cheated on her. Sure, there are hired security guards to calm things down. But it will not stop another guy from being a 'knight in the shining armor' for the woman. I'm just saying, it would be a bummer if another guy gets to walk you woman back home while you still waiting the punchline to show her the ring that would never come to pass... So unless you already knew that no one except your actors would get into the foray, its a risk that you know worth taking. 

#2. Its an expensive calculated risk.
Come on.. I don't think the proposal ring comes  with those actors. You really need to hire those guys. And you can't pick your friends because your girlfriend would recognize them. To concoct a plan is one thing, but to execute them is a whole different matter. No only this guy have to pay the actors, but also for the dinner and not to forget, the ring! And the ceremony right afterward.. and so on..  Seriously if you'd ever pull this out, you probably will end up paying the whole shenanigans instead of you house mortgage! Regardless on whether you got the results that you want.. But then again, you knew the risk now don't you.

#3. It need to have an expected result.
No every woman react the same way. That guy probably knew that his girlfriend would wait until everything unfold just as he planned it all along. As we all know, not every women would just sit there crying, and wait things to be better. There are some that would just stands up, and walk away. Probably went home watching home videos and eating ice cream. But the again, you won't be pulling this off unless you know EXACTLY how your girlfriend would react. But on the side note, it does going looks like EPIC if however the woman in the video said 'No'. Epic Fail, that is..

#4. It need to have an expected long-term result.
I don't know about the guy in the video, but I know that you won't pull this off unless you really positive that your relationship going to last for a very long, long time. We has seen it all, those expensive, intricate and even exotic proposal and wedding plan. Like Prince William's wedding, popular actress/actor's wedding, or even underwater wedding. After all that, it would be a bummer if you get a divorce less than a year later. I don't know, probably you have made the most romantic gesture of them all and then you're unable to top it for next years of you life living together. Women could easily get bored you know. Next thing you know, you'll be living in your past, hoping that its enough. I'm just saying..

#5. Its a big bummer!
Lets face it. Even the old school romantic love is a big bummer. Knight in a shining armor riding white horse while holding red roses? A guy riding a white horse is gay enough, let alone running around with red roses. It may look like a good idea now, but later.. well, it won't be later once you done it. I mean, do you really want the public to see you proposing like that, and they all attend you wedding.. after you acted like a jerk like that? Although it was only an act, but is that the only way that you could ever get a 'Yes'? Oh yeah, you just embarrassed yourself in public trying so hard and spending a fortune, just to get a woman to agree to marry you.  

Seriously.. being romantic sometimes just overrated..


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