Thursday, August 4, 2011

Controversial Commercial!

I got this from a friend in the Facebook. He posted a link of a Youtube video, a TV commercial that was recently pulled out from one of the local TV station in Malaysia, the 8TV. It caused a public outrage, because the commercial, although a Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads, seems to be racist.

For me, I think the ads was not only racist, but also offensive toward Muslims as well. Because the ads seems to portrays the Muslim community in Malaysia to be too conservative and too uptight. The content of the ads show a non-muslim chinese woman who act inappropriately in Ramadhan Bazaar. The ads then end with moral lessons, such as the do's and the don't. 

Although the ads have been pulled out, but many people believe that the damage have been done. If you look for the video in Youtube (assuming it have not been removed yet) you can see many people respond with racist and political remarks. You can see people blaming UMNO (because UMNO own Media Prima own 8TV), some blaming the Malay supremacist for concocting this ads, and others just simply said that 'This is Malaysia'.


This is not some kind of government conspiracy theory or racist attempt, this is what we called IGNORANCE. It is obvious the the media team (Media Prima CEO said it was multi-racial team) have little or none at all understanding regarding on Islamic belief and any other religious belief. Probably the whole team was made up from a bunch of Atheist. 

Ramadhan is a holy month to Muslims, period. What does it got to do with the non-muslims? Haven't we learned from the mistakes from the last Eid? Remember another ads that was made by a 'genius' who combine both Hari Raya and Gong Xi Fa Chai and turned it into Gong Xi Raya? What about the other time where Deepavali was crossed with Hari Raya and turned into DeepaRaya?  

Malaysia is a multicultural country, not a multi-combined-religion country.      

 Hello uncle, no sugar cane juice ah? 

 The team that made this Ads are obnoxious bunch.

 The team that made this Ads should be polite and discreet.

The woman on the right is going straight to Hell for not covering her hair during the holy month of Ramadhan!



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